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Axus, guardian of the First Key of Law and lord of the autons, dwells on 4th level of the Law Quest, at the center of the library of law. It is likely to be generated peaceful for law-aligned players.

Axus is immobile and does not attack. Though it counter-attacks anyone who engages it in melee combat, it can easily be killed with ranged attacks, and is not immune to death rays, though it does resist stoning and disintegration.

In addition, any time a monoton auton is killed or promoted on his level, a new monoton will be created near Axus, meaning that while Axus lives the total number of autons on the level can't be decreased. Since new autons spawn at a rapid rate in the Library of Law, slow players can be overwhelmed by sheer weight of numbers.

Finally, Axus will always leave a corpse when slain, and will rise from the dead after only a few turns. Do not attempt to eat the corpse, as doing so is deadly.

The most omnipresent of the beings living on
Mechanus (bar none) are the modrons. There’s not
much known about the geometrical and mathematical
constructs, including their goals, their functions, and
their minds.

The short of it is that modrons are largely
unknowable by humans.
[ Planes of Law, by Colin McComb ]

Ruling over the castes is Primus, the One and the
Prime. It and the plane are one in thought and deed; as
Primus turns, so do the wheels of Mechanus.
[ Planescape Monstrous Suplement, by David Cook ]


Arsenal, guardian of the Second Key of Law, is found on the second floor of the Law Quest fortress. Players who can defeat the large number of soldiers found in the fortress will most likely have little trouble with Arsenal.

Arsenal's unique attack, cannon barrage, fires 2d6 iron balls along random ranks in front of Arsenal. The attack's spread makes is a threat to nearby pets and to displaced players.

Arsenal drops the Field Marshal's Baton when destroyed.


Lady Oona is the guardian of the Third Key of Law, and lives in the Tower Donjon, the uppermost level of the Law Quest.

Oona's elemental affinity changes from game-to-game, randomly choosing from fire, electricity, and cold. Her elemental affinity determines the type of vortices and spheres that spawn in the Law Quest. For example, flaming spheres indicate that Oona is fire-based. Her elemental affinity can also be determined by her color, A for fire, A for cold, and A for electricity. Since her spellcasting attack deals 20d8 damage of the chosen element, confronting her without the appropriate elemental resistance is probably suicide.

Once Lady Oona is slain, vortices and spheres will cease spawning in the Law Quest.

Lady Oona can be tamed, and makes a very powerful pet, albeit completely useless against enemies that resist her element type. As a human-sized angelic being, she can wear most forms of armor, including crystal plate mail and a cloak of magic resistance. Furthermore, she resists most forms of instant death, including disintegration, petrification, and polymorph.

The Morwel is the queen of the Eladrin.
The Morwel has always been queen.
The Eladrin took no side in the war of Law and Chaos.


Apollyon, Angel of the Pit, used to be the guardian of the Third Key of Law, before being replaced by Oona in commit 3c5d881ff422723a19c7b44ad357fe88b61723cf.

Apollylon's stats are still in the code, as well as Lucifer, who would be generated in Astral if you killed Apollylon.

Apollyon’s background and original name are known only to those
steeped in infernal and heavenly lore. Apollyon was once a powerful
Solar and may have even been a Seraph. He was charged with the
binding of particularly powerful Fiends and other spirits of evil
in remote demi-planes in the Ethereal Plane at the behest of the
Virtues of Mount Celestial, ensuring that such beings would never
again threaten the Bastions of Righteousness, allied good gods,
and the Prime.
[ Dicefreaks, The Demon Princes As They Were II: Apollyon ]