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Listing the minions you can get from your god by sacrifice or prayer (as Lawful).

This is primarily for my own use, but anyone else is welcome to clean it up and post it on the minion page. Or maybe minion_(SLASH'EM).

A minion will be given on sacrifice as a "boon" if rnl(30+your level) is 0. Boons occur if rnl(30+your level) is 0 if you did not obtain an artifact, but could have. Getting a minion will prevent the luck increase.

Lawful characters will receive a minion upon prayer with a 2 in 3 chance if their hp is less than 5 or below 1/7th of the maximum. This will happen even if the god does not fix the low-hp major trouble; it is possible for your god to not fix any major problem due to alignment being 0 and still receive a minion.


Your level is taken and a random number between -2 and +2 is added, is then clamped between 0 and 30, and divided by 3. Each number, from 0-10, correspondes to a minion

Lookup number Levels available Minion
0 1-4 Tengu
1 1-7 Couatl
2 4-10 White unicorn
3 7-13 Movanic deva
4 10-16 Monadic deva
5 13-19 Ki-rin
6 16-22 Astral deva
7 19-25 Archon
8 22-28 Planetar
9+ 25-30 Solar

At level 3*n for some integer n, You have a 60% chance of getting minion n and a 40% chance of getting minion n-1. At level 3*n+1, you have a 20% chance of getting minion n-1, 60% chance of getting minion n, and 20% chance of getting minion n+1. At level 3*n+2 you have a 60% chance of getting minion n and a 40% chance of getting minion n+1.

The exceptions are the Tengu and Solar; you have a 80% chance of getting a Tengu at level 1 and a 20% chance of a Couatl. Beyond level 28, you have a 100% chance of getting a Solar.

A ki-rin (same for every minion, actually) cannot be saddled or ridden.


The lookup number is your level plus a random number between -4 and +4. Again, it is capped between 0 and 30.

Lookup number Levels available Minion
0-6 1-10 Gray unicorn
7-14 3-20 A random elemental; equal probability of
Air elemental
Fire elemental
Earth elemental
Water elemental
15+ 11-30 Djinni

A Djinni will not grant a wish, but will (should; haven't absolutely verified) increase the djinni count, lowering the chance of a djinni appearing from a smoky potion. Djinni are capable of using weapons but are not created with weapons (again, haven't strictly verified), and cannot pick up weapons themselves.


The lookup number is your level plus a random number between -2 and +2. This is capped at 0-30 and multiplied by 2/3 (rounding down).

Lookup number Levels available Minion
0 1-3 Gremlin
1-2 1-6 Equal probability of:
3 3-7 Black unicorn
4 4-9 Blood imp
5 6-10 Spined devil
6 7-12 Shadow wolf
7 9-13 Hell hound
8 10-15 Horned devil
9 12-16 Bearded devil
10 13-18 Bar-lgura
11 15-19 Chasme
12 17-21 Barbed Devil
13 18-22 Vrock
14 19-24 Babau
15 21-25 Nalfeshnee
16 22-27 Marilith
17 24-28 Nabassu
18 25-30 Bone devil
19 27-30 Ice devil
20 28-30 Pit fiend

Most of the demons can be obtained through demon gating instead. The only advantage to having a minion is that it will not turn traitor, as almost all of the chaotic minions could potentially do (especially as most are inediate). They're available must sooner this way; a pet marilith can be obtained by a doppelganger by level 7 using demon gating and #youpoly. It'll also be able to pick up and wield weapons. Most of the minions are not useful by the time you are high enough level to obtain them as a gift.

Lawfuls clearly have an overwhelming advantage in terms of minions, as they have much easier access to minions (through prayer) and gain significantly stronger minions. A level 1 character can deliberately wound themself by throwing a weapon up, praying after turn 300, and have a 13% chance of getting a tame couatl - a monster with a poisonous bite and +1 enchantment resistance. At level 11 there is a 100% chance of getting a Deva, with a 1 in 4 chance of carrying a shield of reflection (The Deva can be easily killed by bringing it near the oracle. Movanic devas are near useless against fire resistant enemies, so I personally consider killing them for the shield the most use you can get from them). Playing as a lawful is thus surprisingly useful for a potential pacifist game, as you have easy access to tame Tengu (which are about as damaging as dogs) and possibly a couatl. The Lovers card from a gypsy can be useful to get a large number of foocubi to gain levels, which is good as the prayer reward of hitting level 29 (66% chance of receiving a Solar if below 1/7 hp) is extremely useful for clearing out hostiles - just raise hp past 700 through alchemy (being level 29/30 will certainly help) and dance with a minotaur. A minotaur does up to 76 damage per turn, so it should always be safe to drop below 100.