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I'm just yet another obsessive NetHack player. I've made major changes to Template:Monster and created Template:Attributes. I was working on updating all the monster information until I became very busy with schoolwork.

Nowadays I update random articles and clean up stubs once in a while. I mostly update the @Play NetHackWiki entry and Template:News whenever a new @Play article becomes available (which seems to be going at the rate of once per month nowadays which is now going at the advertised rate of once every two weeks which is now officially going at the rate of every month).

I don't remember the first time I played NetHack, but I have a dumplog dating from 2005-03-07. I started playing the game a lot since the beginning of November 2006. I always play petless because I find pets rather annoying. I never really had much of need to wish for artifacts either.

My favorite games, other than NetHack (of course!), are The Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy (VII and before), EarthBound, Soul Blazer, and Azure Dreams. Azure Dreams, it seems, was my first taste of roguelike gaming.

I also have an account at Wikipedia, but it's been catching a lot of dust. (Yes! The other wiki... see the other other wiki for more information.)

I started using Linux in 2002 and have made it my primary OS since 2003. I'm comfortable coding in C and Python.

I'm a source diver, diving into the code of NetHack, the Linux kernel, and many others...


I have ascended the following roles:

I'm currently trying to ascend a wizard. My goal is to eventually ascend all roles.


I'm a bit disappointed NetHackWiki is not on the first page of the Google search query for "nethack"! As of 2008-01-29, NetHackWiki comes up on the seventh page (particularly it's not a link to the main page but to the compiling article).

I don't know what happened in the last six months or so, but I'm happy to report that NetHackWiki is on the first page of the Google search query for "nethack"! And it's a link to the main page too! I think NetHackWiki has finally grown up and matured. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who have contributed to NetHackWiki for the last three years. Keep up the great work! I'll be happy to see new people come to NetHackWiki when they casually google for "nethack"! :)

This search query may be helpful in determining how popular a particular NetHackWiki article is. As of 2008-08-08, Angband comes up as the most popular article (excluding the main page). A lot of people wants to read NetHack vs. Angband comparisons, eh? ;)

Common inventory letters

The following are letters I adjust items to mostly for convenience reasons: