Champion (monster)

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For the role whose rank title at XL 26-29 is "Champion", see Valkyrie.
For the player monster that can appear with the above rank, see Valkyrie (player monster).

A champion, @, is a type of monster that appears in EvilHack and Hack'EM. They are humans that serve as barbarian-like minions of the aligned gods, and have two weapon attacks.


Champions only appear in Infidel games, and are always generated hostile. They are generated with either a battle-axe or a two-handed sword as their weapon with an equal chance of each, and their armor will either be ring mail (23 chance) or chain mail (13 chance).

Champions are the second quest monster four the Infidel quest, composing 14% of randomly generated monsters in the branch.


Champions are quite powerful opponents for Infidels to face in melee, and their difficulty is intentionally much lower than what their level and attacks might suggest. Their MR score is fortunately a measly 10, giving Infidels a means to overcome them, but their strength still practically requires a patient and well-prepared player with a means of consistent ranged attack.

Encyclopedia entry

They dressed alike -- in buckskin boots, leathern breeks and
deerskin shirts, with broad girdles that held axes and short
swords; and they were all gaunt and scarred and hard-eyed;
sinewy and taciturn.
They were wild men, of a sort, yet there was still a wide
gulf between them and the Cimmerian. They were sons of
civilization, reverted to a semi-barbarism. He was a
barbarian of a thousand generations of barbarians. They had
acquired stealth and craft, but he had been born to these
things. He excelled them even in lithe economy of motion.
They were wolves, but he was a tiger.
[ Conan - The Warrior, by Robert E. Howard ]