Eladrin Lords and Ladies

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The Eladrin Lords and Ladies are the rulers of the Eladrin in dNetHack. They are powerful unique angels, intended to play a role similar to the demon lords. At present, the Lords and Ladies are present in the code, but most can't be encountered in the game. Ascodel is the exception.

Gwynharwyf, the whirling fury

Furious whirlwind

Ascodel, the fallen

Rarely, Ascodel will be summoned into battle by Pale Night.

Bloody sunset

Faerinaal, the weaver

Ball of gossamer sunlight

Queen Mab

Coterie of motes

Keto, the old woman of the sea

Keto can produce up to two wide-clubbed tentacles at a time.

Wide-clubbed tentacle

Damage dealt to these tentacles is not passed on to Keto, and if one is destroyed she can produce a replacement on her next turn.

Ancient tempest

If Lady Keto transforms into her energy form, any tentacles on the field become random elementals. They do not transform back with her; instead, she will produce two new tentacles.


The ever-mysterious Morwel may appear in a number of different forms.

Queen of Stars

Eternal light