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For her appearance in other variants, see Lolth.

Lolth is the goddess of the drow in EvilHack, and serves as the chaotic deity for the pantheon of every drow character minus drow Infidels.

As a monster

Lolth, &, is also a unique monster that can generate in EvilHack and Hack'EM. She is a demon lord that has infravision, can see invisible, can be seen via infravision, casts spells, and will follow a player character to other levels if she is adjacent. Lolth is covetous and desires the Amulet of Yendor.

Lolth has two weapon attacks, a paralyzing bite, a touch attack that ensnares targets in a web, and will attempt to cast one clerical spell and one mage spell during each of her turns. If casting summon insects, Lolth will generate spiders and centipedes instead.


Lolth may appear as the occupant of the second demon ruler lair in Gehennom, and can also be summoned via demon gating. She is always generated hostile.

Lolth is always generated with a dark elven broadsword that has the venom object property.


Lolth is a major character in the settings of the Dungeons & Dragons franchise. First created by Gary Gygax for the World of Greyhawk campaign setting, she later appeared in the Forgotten Realms setting, and 3rd edition made her a member of the 'default' pantheon. In those various settings, the drow pantheon of gods will always consist at minimum of the leader Lolth, as well as Kiaransalee, Vhaeraun, and Zinzerena, with the goddess Eilistraee as the sole good member. Lolth makes her debut in the 1978 module Descent into the Depths of the Earth, and her role as a deity is first explored in the 1980 Deities & Demigods.

Lolth (Lloth in the Drow language) is the Demon Queen of Spiders and the chief goddess of the Drow, whose realm lays within the 66th layer of the Abyss, also known as the Demonweb Pits. Lolth usually appears in the form of an "exquisitely beautiful" female dark elf that is sometimes covered in clinging spiders, or in the guise of a drider-like black widow spider. She is a cold and cruel goddess that revels in betrayal and bloodshed, toying with her minions and victims alike: she desires little more than absolute fealty and obedience from all drow, and enjoys corrupting humans and other elves into her worship, with any questioning of her motives or wisdom considered a sin.

Lolth views those less powerful than herself as either pawns or foes, while holding those more powerful than herself in contempt - naturally, she admires ambition even more than loyalty in her followers, and inspires them to employ any and every means necessary to ascend to a higher station in life, especially if it involves deception, betrayal, and murder. Guile and political ruthlessness are the signs of Lolth's favorites: those who blindly obeyed Lolth's demands would find themselves quickly led to their deaths. Lolth uses this to foment unending chaos amongst the drow, ostensibly to weed out the weak and complacent among her servants, but clearly just as much (if not far more so) for her own amusement.

Encyclopedia entry

Ascension to power in drow society is a simple process of
assassination. The Spider Queen is a deity of chaos, and she
and her high priestesses, the true rulers of the drow world,
do not look with ill favor upon ambitious individuals wielding
poisoned daggers.
[ Drizzt Do'Urden ]