Monsters with need +x weapon to hit (SLASH'EM)

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In SLASH'EM and SlashTHEM, various monsters require a weapon of a certain enchantment level to be hit - this is determined by the "Need +x weapon to hit" property, also known as "enchantment resistance". Most supernatural monsters such as ​A angelic beings, ​L liches and ​V vampires possess this "enchantment resistance" property.

A monster with the property takes no damage from attacks using weapons that have an enchantment lower than the level described in that property's flag, e.g. MR_PLUSONE, MR_PLUSTWO and so on; as a further example, the Aleax has the MR_PLUSTWO flag, so it ignores damage from weapons that are +1 or less.[1] The flag also implicitly determines what level of enchanted weapon the monster hits as if they do not already possess a flag for that property, e.g. an Aleax also hits as a +2 weapon.

Below is a list of monsters with "need +x weapon to hit" in SLASH'EM and SlashTHEM.

Need +1 weapon to hit

Need +2 weapon to hit

Need +3 weapon to hit

Need +4 weapon to hit