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A shirt is a type of armor that appears in NetHack and is generally worn underneath body armor.


Shirts make up 1% of all randomly generated armor.

List of shirts

There are two types of shirt in NetHack:

Name Cost Weight AC Weight/AC Material MC Appearance
T-shirt 2 5 0 0 cloth 0
Hawaiian shirt 3 5 0 0 cloth 0


Shirts confer no base AC on their own, but can be enchanted into a lightweight source of extra AC - they are most valuable for this purpose once a character has obtained magic resistance or unchanging to protect them from polymorph traps, since polymorphing into a large form will destroy torso armor. In the early game, it may be better to enchant other armor such as a helm, boots or gloves; in the later stages, they are a somewhat common form of wish used to complete late-game and ascension kits by topping off a character's AC.

Shirts are a popular target for polypiling since they are non-magical, making them fairly easy to obtain by polymorphing a large pile of armor - the Castle and Fort Ludios in particular always guarantee a sufficient amount of armor, and the Castle's armor storeroom has a significant 13.13% chance of containing a shirt. The random general store items in Orcus Town may also have a shirt among them.

The table below contains a breakdown of the probabilities of success for polypiling a shirt:

Confidence 25% 50% 75% 95%
Polymorphs 28.62 68.97 137.94 298.07
Armors needed (blessed) 3.59 8.66 17.32 37.41
Armors needed (uncursed) 5.51 13.29 26.58 57.42


Variants of NetHack often add new types of shirts.

Variants that incorporate the Convict role add the striped shirt, which all Convicts start the game with.


dNetHack adds several shirts with distinct effects:


SpliceHack adds a few shirt-type items:


SlashTHEM adds the following shirts:

  • Ruffled shirts from dNetHack, which behave as ordinary shirts
  • Victorian underwear from dNetHack, which still grants MC3 at the cost of an AC penalty
  • Expensive suits from the NetHack-- series, which Undertakers start with
  • Striped shirts, which Convicts start the game with