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A toilet is a dungeon feature that appears in SLASH'EM and SlashTHEM.

Toilets allow the player to cure sickness, stunning and confusion, reduce nutrition, poison weapons, and dilute potions. Notably, unlike fountains, they will not dry up when used for diluting potions, nor will they cause negative effects such as summoning water moccasins.



Dipping objects into a toilet wets them; this poisons edged weapons, rust iron objects and rots food. Dipping potions works the same as with dipping them into a fountain, though the toilet will never dry up.

Your <edged weapon> gets wet. You cover it in filth. Yuck!
You dipped an edged weapon in the toilet, poisoning it.
Your <item> gets wet. Yuck!
You dipped a different type of object into the toilet.


Praying while on a toilet square causes you to pray to the "Porcelain God"; if successful and you are sick, stunned, or confused, you are cured. Otherwise, nothing happens. Praying on the toilet is handled separately from normal prayer, so neither affects the other.

You pray to the porcelain God.
You prayed while on a toilet.
He smiles upon you.
Your prayer was successful; this does not affect normal prayer timeout, and you are cured of sickness, stunning and/or confusion.
He ignores your pleas.
Your prayer was unsuccessful; as before, normal prayer timeout is unaffected.


Sitting on a toilet cures sickness and reduces your nutrition by 200-599 nutrition points if you are satiated. Otherwise, nothing happens.

You sit on the toilet. You grunt.
You sat on a toilet while satiated, and your nutrition was reduced.
You don't have to go.
As above, but you were not satiated, and there is no effect.


Quaffing from a toilet normally produces one of the following effects:

  • 1/9 chance of breaking the toilet (see below)
  • 1/9 chance of creating a sewer rat (if they're not extinct or genocided)
  • 1/9 chance of creating a brown pudding (if they're not extinct or genocided)
  • 2/9 chance of creating a baby crocodile (if they're not extinct or genocided)
  • 4/9 chance of vomiting and losing some nutrition.

If you are polymorphed into any kind of canine, you have a 45 chance of simply finding the water "quite refreshing" and gaining 10 nutrition. The other 15 of the time, you will experience one of the above effects.

Breaking a toilet

Kicking the toilet has a 1/4 chance of breaking it: A broken toilet turns into a fountain, and has a chance of summoning 2-6 baby crocodiles.

Identifying amulets

In SlashTHEM, amulets can be dropped down a toilet to receive a message that can be used to identify the amulet. The list of possible messages has its own page.


Toilets provide a safe and unlimited way to dilute potions, which can prove invaluable in the early and mid-game. Later on, characters will generally find an amulet of flying preferable, as then pools (either created from a fountain or found naturally) will provide a similar but far more frequent source of dilution.

If a toilet happens to be found near a large source of high-nutrition corpses (e.g. a giant court or dragon lair), repeatedly sitting on it can allow the player to eat far more of them than would normally be possible, which can be useful for gaining intrinsics and strength. Furthermore, the guaranteed ability to cure sickness (including food poisoning) by praying is also handy, in case the player lets some of the corpses get too old.

There is little reason to quaff from a toilet, even as a dog: the effects are mostly negative, and a toilet is generally far more useful than the fountain that will be left behind once it breaks.

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