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dNetHack adds alignment quests/keys similar to SLASH'EM, but substantially more complicated. Each quest contains 3 keys instead of one, and almost all of them have a boss you need to fight. You need 3 keys to open the doors to Gehennom, so it's not necessary to gather all of them.

Law Quest

The First Key of Law

The First Key of Law is found in the Dungeon of Ill-Regard, and is guarded by Axus. He has a powerful stunning reflexive melee attack, so it's best to kill him from a distance if possible. He is _not_ magic resistant, so a wand of death will work on him. After you kill him, he'll revive in a couple turns, and eating his corpse is fatal. Axus (and the autons on the level) is usually generated peaceful for lawful characters.

The Second Key of Law

The Etched Second Key of Law is found in Arcadia, and is guarded by Arsenal. He throws iron balls at you (2d6), showers you with magic missiles (2d6), and has a powerful kick (8d2). He is a form of golem (or at least shares the glyph), and is resistant to death magic and all major elemental damage, though with decent AC and magic resistance he shouldn't pose a threat.

The Third Key of Law

The Third Key of Law is found in the Arcadian Tower, and is guarded by Lady Oona. She has 2 melee physical attacks (2d8 each), but the real kicker is an active 16d8 elemental damage spell, and passive elemental damage. Her affinity is chosen randomly each game, from fire, cold, and electricity. Some players opt not to kill her, and instead tame her. She makes a powerful pet, and is humanoid and thus can wear most kinds of armor.

Neutral Quest

The First Key of Neutrality

The First Key of Neutrality is guarded by Center of All. He can be found anywhere in the main dungeon, appearing as part of standard monster generation (albeit with an extremely low chance). However, the bottom level of the Outlands has a greatly increased chance for him to spawn. If he spawns before you have reached this level, he will always be peaceful, and will levelport randomly. When he does this, he leaves behind a footprint burned into the floor.

The Second/Third Key of Neutrality

Alhoons are the guardians of the Second and Third Keys of Neutrality. They are not unique like the other guardians, but a type of monster. However, only the 2 guardian alhoons ever spawn. They are a form of undead master mind flayer, similar to a master lich. They cast the mage spells and have the cold touch of liches, combined with a intelligence draining tentacle attack.

The first alhoon is on the Gulf of N'kai (3 levels under Sum of All, where Center of All often spawns). The second is at the temple complex at R'lyeh, a level or two below that.

Chaos Quest

The First Key of Chaos

The First Key of Chaos does not have a guardian that will drop it on death. It's well-hidden instead. If you don't want to figure it out yourself, please consult the First Key of Chaos spoiler page.

The Second Key of Chaos

Final Fantasy Variant

The Second Key of Chaos is randomly placed somewhere in the Earth Temple. It can be in either the outside or inside section. You may want to deal with Lich, Fiend of Earth before trying to find it.

Mithardir Variant

The Second Key of Chaos is randomly placed on the second level of the Last Spire, guarded by the First Wraithworm. The First Wraithworm can be a pain to deal with, especially for melee combatants, as he randomly blows you about the room and is difficult to hit. As such, it should not be attempted recklessly by weaker characters, and is best delayed until you are ready.

Tolkien Variant

The Second Key of Chaos will be randomly placed either in Minal Morgul, the Mordor Fortress, or the Spider Cave, whichever level a player visits first.

The Third Key of Chaos

Final Fantasy Variant

Chaos himself has the Third Key of Chaos. Unless you really need it, or are already planning to get The Black Crystal, then you may want to get a different alignment key to open the doors instead. He's a powerful spellcaster, able to heal himself, summon high-level &, and cast other monster spells. His most dangerous part is his massive health pool. He spawns with around 1500 hp, so any fight with him will take a very long time. He's at the Chaos Temple, at the very end of the other elemental temples. When he is killed, you are also able to pick up The Black Crystal (which grants slotless MR).

Mithardir Variant

The Third Key of Chaos will be dropped by the first Aspect of The Silence killed by a player (not necessarily the first to spawn). Aspects of The Silence appear on the final level of the Mithardir Catacombs and players should be well prepared to deal with them before attempting to recover the key.

Tolkien Variant

The Third Key of Chaos is guarded by Lungorthin, Lord of the Balrogs. Lungorthin can easily defeated by engraving a ward on the up ladder and hitting him repeatedly as he comes near.