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In UnNetHack and DynaHack, the dragon monster class is significantly changed from NetHack.

List of dragons

The following dragons are present in UnNetHack and DynaHack:

Randomized traits

With the exception of the chromatic dragon, each dragon has a breath weapon, elemental resistance(s) and color randomly assigned to each of them at the start of a game, making it impossible to predict breath type based on name or color. The list above gives the default appearances and types of each dragon - all dragons use the D and are given a different-colored glyph once identified, and dragons of the same name or color within a game are always of the same type. Dragons are auto-identified upon witnessing their breath attack, and identifying one dragon also identifies all dragons of that type (including babies), as well as their dragon scales and the dragon scale mail that can be made from it; the reverse also applies for identifying a set of dragon scales or scale mail. The stats of the dragons themselves are identical to the dragons of NetHack.

The glowing dragon is a form of dragon that emits light, and their scales and scale mail also act as light sources in addition to the random property they are assigned. Both variants also add lava breath as a possible breath weapon for dragons: lava breath deals heavy fire damage, melts through walls instead of rebounding like other breath weapons, and creates a square of lava where the breath ray terminates.

Below is a table that lists the names given to dragons and their scale types, alongside the default set of properties, breath weapon and color associated with each one:

Dragon Breath Intrinsics Scale properties Corpse properties (adults only)
tatzelworm (magic dragon) magic missile magic resistance magic resistance none
amphitere (reflecting dragon) cold cold resistance reflection none
draken (fire dragon) fire fire resistance fire resistance fire resistance
lindworm (ice dragon) cold cold resistance cold resistance cold resistance
sarkany (sleep dragon) sleep sleep resistance sleep resistance sleep resistance
sirrush (disintegration dragon) disintegration disintegration resistance disintegration resistance disintegration resistance
leviathan (electric dragon) lightning shock resistance shock resistance shock resistance
wyvern (poison dragon) poison poison resistance poison resistance poison resistance
glowing dragon (stone dragon) lava stoning resistance, fire resistance stoning resistance fire resistance
guivre (acid dragon) acid acid resistance, stoning resistance acid resistance cures stoning


In addition to generation rules from NetHack, several dragons are generated on each level of The Dragon Caves at level creation.

Chromatic dragons

The chromatic dragon is a rare and non-unique form of dragon that has the resistances and breath weapons of all dragons, similar to the Chromatic Dragon of NetHack (who is known as Tiamat in these variants); their scales and scale mail grant the same properties. Chromatic dragons are similar to other adult dragons in stature and attributes, but do not have a baby form.


The randomization of dragon breath types makes it more difficult for a hero to handle dragons and try to obtain their scales without preparation, and in some cases it can be immediately lethal if a disintegration dragon is one of the first that they encounter. In addition, wishes that are not from a wand of wishing cannot be used to obtain magical items: this leaves characters seeking reflection to deal with dragonbreath more reliant on specific sources, such as the prize selection from Sokoban (which differs between UnNetHack and DynaHack).

Fortunately, the shield of reflection is non-magical in UnNetHack and DynaHack, making it a more ideal early wish; dragon scales are non-magical as in NetHack, and glowing dragon scales may be worth a wish for a light source and a chance at possible magic dragon scales or reflecting dragon scales.