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This article is about the monster in dNetHack and notdNetHack. For the monster in NetHack and its female counterpart in other variants, see Elvenking.

An Elvenqueen, @, is a type of monster that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. Elvenqueens are female counterparts to Elvenkings that have somewhat distinct traits: they possess much fewer physical attacks and lack the ability to twoweapon, but have the ability to cast monster spells.

Eating an Elvenqueen corpse or tin confers temporary sleep resistance.


Elvenqueens are not randomly generated. An elf-lady can grow up into an Elvenqueen.

An Elvenqueen may appear as the ruler of a randomly-generated throne room - her court can contain elf-lords, elf-ladies, Grey-elves, Green-elves, Woodland-elves, quicklings, dryads, naiads, Coure Eladrin, Noviere Eladrin, Bralani Eladrin, Firre Eladrin, Shiere Eladrin, doppelgangers, and wood trolls.

Elvenqueens can generate in the Mordor Ruins Quest - the River Ford level in the Mordor Ruins Quest has a 14 chance of generating an Elvenqueen in the forest on the west side, and an Elvenqueen is always generated at the edge of the Elven Forest level where she, an elf-lord, an elf-lady and two Firre Eladrin will lead a group of Grey-elves against a Nazgul-led horde of Mordor orcs and other monsters.

An Elvenqueen may appear as the ruler of a randomly-generated throne room.

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