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A nethack variant based on FIQhack. Some commits come from Fourk and Dynahack.

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Lineage: NetHack_3.4.3 -> NetHack_4 -> FIQhack -> FiddleHack!

Chronological Changelog

The most recent changes are at the bottom of the page.

November 2017

  • Quaffing blessed enlightenment increases Charisma in addition to Int/Wis.
  • Racial stats rejiggered. Each race can reach 20 (or 18/**) in at least one stat, and each race except for Human has at least one stat that is capped at 16.
Race Str Dex Con Int Wis Cha
Human 18 18 18 18 18 20
Elf 18 20 16 18 20 18
Dwarf 18/** 16 20 16 16 18
Gnome 16 18 18 20 18 18
Orc 18/** 18 18 16 16 16
  • A wizard wearing a cornuthaum gets +1 int and +1 wis in addition to the existing +1 cha. git
  • Wooden fiddles added. Patches or ideas for magic fiddles welcome! git
  • Maximum carry cap removed. With sufficient str and con a player may be able to carry as much as 1260 weight. git
  • (from dynahack) The Heart of Ahriman grants displacement as well as 1 power regen per turn. When thrown/fired as a projectile, it deals an additional 1d20 damage. git
  • Chaotic Wish Improvements: heart of ahriman, and the Tsurugi count as chaotic for the purposes of wishing. Also, Diana counts as an elven bow to make it more appealing to elves. (b411b2a..55156f0)
  • (inspired by Fourk) archons and floating eyes glow. floating lights glow a lot. git
  • "Racialize" starting inventory. This means each race starts with more stuff, so that from turn 1 each role/race combo hopefully feels a little more different. For instance: dwarves start with booze, gnomes get oil and grease and an aklys, orcs get meat and poison, humans start with a "canteen" of alignment-based water, and elves always get an instrument.
    • This has been rejiggered a few times, so check u_init.c if you want to see the latest stuff each race gets.
  • Compared to FIQhack, wizard energy-regen and healer regen have been reduced below XL 11 and increased above XL 11. git
  • Role HP cutoff rejiggered. The cutoff is now at level 12 for all roles. To compensate healers, they get 3 hp per level after the cutoff. git
  • Racial HP rejiggered. Humans scale past level 11 better than other races do, and Dwarves get a lot more hit points from 1 to 11. git
Race[1] pre-cutoff post-cutoff starting
Human d1 2 2
Elf d1 1 1
Dwarf d5 0 4
Gnome d1 0 1
Orc d1 0 2
  • (from Fourk) Racial skill boosts. I increased the skill caps for elves in bow, dwarves in pick-axe, gnomes in crossbow and club, and orcs in scimitar. More detail in the commit! git
  • Fire brand is a scimitar, frost brand is a short sword. Goes well with orcs' racial scimitar skill boost! git
  • Rogues can reach Expert wand skill, priests and monks can only reach Skilled, Knights and Samurai can only reach Basic. git
  • (from Fourk) Magic_chests! Currently magic chests only exist in Castle, VotD, Ludios, Minetown, Sokoban, and the Wizard's Tower. git
  • (from ) [ git]
  • role.c in NetHack 3.4.3, line 406
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