Green dragon scale mail

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[   green dragon scale mail   Green dragon scale mail.png
Appearance green dragon scale mail
Slot body armor
AC 9
Base price 900 zm
Weight 40
Material dragon hide

Green dragon scale mail is a type of dragon scale mail. It provides poison resistance. As such, for some conduct players (in particular foodless atheists), it may be a better option than gray dragon scale mail or silver dragon scale mail: instadeath from poison is a threat through the entire game, making extrinsic poison resistance a high priority if it cannot be gotten intrinsically. Magic resistance and reflection can be gotten in other ways, often more easily than poison resistance. This armor is generally not a good choice once you have poison resistance intrinsically, unless it is the only type of dragon scale mail available.

Green dragon scale mail can be produced from green dragon scales, which might be dropped by a green dragon.

In SporkHack, green dragon scale mail also gives the player a passive attack against monsters that damage the player: d6 poison damage, with the usual 5% instadeath chance accompanying it. (As usual with poison attacks, poison resistant monsters are immune to both the damage and the instadeath.)

In UnNetHack, this item is renamed poison dragon scale mail, and has a randomized appearance out of tatzelworm/amphitere/draken/lindworm/sarkany/sirrush/leviathan/wyvern/glowing dragon/guivre scale mail, matching the dragon species that has poisonous breath.


  • See Dragon scale mail for more detailed information on what makes dragon scale mail special and how to obtain it.

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