Magic chest (dNetHack)

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( Large box.png
Name magic chest
Appearance huge chest with 10 keyholes
Base price 7000 zm
Weight 1001
Material metal
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.
For magic chests in other variants, see Magic chest.

A magic chest is a type of tool that appears in dNetHack, notdNetHack, and notnotdNetHack. It is a type of container that has a default material of metal, and appears as a huge chest with 10 keyholes when unidentified.


A magic chest is generated within several locations in the dungeon and its branches:

Magic chests always generate locked and uncursed, and start the game empty.


Magic chests are designed for stashing purposes: when unlocked, they will bolt themselves into the floor, rendering them completely immobile and unable to be picked up, and only invoking The Master Key of Thievery can unbolt a magic chest. Looting an unlocked magic chest allows the hero character to add and/or remove items, with the chest containing 10 different compartments for optional categorization - all of a magic chest's contents are accessible from any other magic chest encountered in the game, and are treated as completely weightless.

In notdNetHack and notnotdNetHack, a magic chest can be resized with an upgrade kit, which does not affect the contents.


Magic chests make stash management straightforward and easy for many characters, with the main caveat being a lack of portability: while magic chests can be picked up and carried around prior to bolting them down, and the contents do not contribute to their weight, the chest's base weight of 1001 ensures that most characters will at least be burdened from doing so. This is done in order to discourage attempts to carry around a magic chest as an infinite-weight container, though it is still possible for a curious or dedicated player with time and resources to do so.

Decreasing a magic chest's weight

The Silver Flame can change a magic chest's material to mithril, which is the lightest of the three available materials. In notdNetHack and notnotdNetHack, an upgrade kit can also be used to make a magic chest tiny.