The Mantle of Heaven

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[   The Mantle of Heaven   Ornamental cope.png
Base item ornamental cope
When carried
When worn
When invoked (none)
Base price 2500 zm
Weight 10

The Mantle of Heaven is one of the quest artifacts for the Noble role, implemented in dNetHack and SlashTHEM.

In dNetHack it is the quest artifact specifically for human and incantifier Nobles. Vampiric Nobles share the same quest design but seek the Vestment of Hell as their goal instead.

Elven, drow, and dwarven Nobles have different, race-specific quests and quest artifacts (see the Noble main article for more details).

The Mantle is lawful for wishing and bones purposes.


In dNetHack the Mantle is an artifact ornamental cope which grants cold resistance when carried, and shock resistance and half spell damage when worn, in addition to whatever benefit is provided by the cloak with the "ornamental cope" randomized appearance in the game: displacement, invisibility, magic resistance, protection. Also, its armor class is double that of its base item.

Wearing the Mantle also allows the Noble to #sit in the special throne in the ancestral keep for a number of perks, including a free wish, a genocide, some random pets and an identification.


As the Mantle has a randomized cloak as its base item, its usefulness may vary between games. While there are no cloaks with randomized appearances in dNetHack that are a liability to their wearer, some cloak types may be especially useful combined with the other extrinsics of the Mantle. If its base item is a cloak of protection, then the Mantle adds a formidable base of six points to your AC plus enchantment and maximum magic cancellation, eliminating the need for Victorian underwear. Other base cloaks offer only two points of base AC and MC2, but displacement, invisibility, or magic resistance may still be desirable extrinsics in addition to the default cold and shock resistance, and half spell damage.

The Rod of Lordly Might (scepter/first sacrifice gift), the Mantle of Heaven (robe/quest artifact), and the Crown of the Saint King (coronet/crowning gift) complete the Human or Incantifier Noble's regalia.


Reference: Chris' Noble Patch