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=   Nenya    
Base item diamond or silver ring
When carried none
When worn
When invoked none
Base price 0 zm
Weight 3

Nenya is an artifact that appears in dNetHack, notdNetHack and notnotdNetHack. It is unaligned and elf-favoring, and its base item is a ring with the randomized appearance of a "diamond ring". If the diamond ring is a ring of polymorph in the current game, then Nenya will appear as a silver ring instead.


While worn, Nenya has the usual effects conferred by the ring whose appearance it matches, and additionally confers water walking, along with monster detection as with the blessed potion or the spell cast at Skilled level, and protects the wearer's inventory from water damage. Each attack made in melee or with a thrown/fired weapon while wearing Nenya adds +1d20 silver damage.

Wearing Nenya also massively lowers the failure rate of divination spells, guaranteeing the ability to cast any divination spell at 0% fail rate for almost any character: this does not supersede the inability to cast spells for other reasons, e.g. the influence of the Spire, lacking free hands, or any other effects that block all spellcasting.

In addition, wearing Nenya also applies a wisdom-based modifier to energy regeneration, as well as to the wearer's AC while not flat-footed, i.e. while not paralyzed or else occupied. The modifier is a flat (Wis-11)2, and will not cause negative energy regeneration for the hero, instead worsening current regeneration to a minimum of 0 unless it was already negative.


The effectiveness of all of the elf rings depends on their base item type in that game, e.g. Nenya is obviously much better in a game where ruby rings are free action than in games where they are hunger. Despite this, Nenya is possibly worth wearing for characters with a free ring slot and decent wisdom

For most non-pet based builds, Nenya is possibly the most powerful out of all of the elf rings: Permanent monster detection and waterproofing are both very helpful if non-essential intrinsics, and the water walking can be helpful for characters that lack a source of flying otherwise; almost all builds can benefit from the AC bonus, though possibly not those with particularly low wisdom (which is notable for Barbarians and certain other melee roles). Unfortunately, Nenya offers no direct bonuses to pets, making it the least useful of the elf rings for pet-based builds.

For all non-spellcasters, the ability to guarantee casting of divination spells can be a huge boon if they can find the spellbooks for high-level spells such as identify, magic mapping and potentially even clairvoyance. Other spellcasters can save skill slots on divination spells, freeing them up for other less commonly utilized skills (like matter spells for polymorph or dig). The energy regeneration is also a boost to spellcasting, though it is less directly impactful in combat and serves more as a quality-of-life improvement.

For melee and ranged builds, the extra silver damage is rather effective in the late game and endgame, providing a free damage bonus against most of the difficult enemies fought in Gehennom.