Nighthorn (SLASH'EM)

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Base item unicorn horn
Damage vs. small 1d12 (+1d3 in Hack'EM)
Damage vs. large 1d12 (+1d3 in Hack'EM)
To-hit bonus +1 (+2 in Hack'EM only)
Bonus versus all
Weapon skill unicorn horn
Size two-handed
When carried
  • apply as unicorn horn
  • applying can cure fear (Hack'EM only)
When wielded
When invoked


Base price 10000 zm
Weight 20
Material bone

Nighthorn is an artifact that appears in SLASH'EM, SlashTHEM and Hack'EM. It is lawful-aligned, and its base item is the unicorn horn of Nightmare. Nighthorn is one of the rewards for completing the Lawful Quest.


Nighthorn is only generated upon killing Nightmare in a way that would normally leave a corpse (i.e. any method minus disintegration or digesting)[1] - Nighthorn will always be generated cursed and at +0 this way. Since Nightmare is always generated in the Lawful Quest, her Nighthorn cannot be wished for and will always revert to its base item if left in bones.


In SLASH'EM and SlashTHEM, Nighthorn confers reflection while wielded. As a weapon, Nighthorn has +1 to-hit from its base item.

In Hack'EM, Nighthorn is intelligent and additionally confers stun resistance while wielded. It has an additional +1 to-hit bonus and +1d3 damage versus all monsters, and applying it can cure your character's fear in addition to the standard status problems that a unicorn horn can cure in Hack'EM.


Most characters will find little reason to apply Nighthorn over a regular blessed and enchanted unicorn horn for curing status afflictions: they may also have trouble justifying its use as a weapon, even if they are not cross-aligned (which would introduce the 14 chance of an 8d6 artifact blast). While a character capable of training the unicorn horn skill may consider this an option on paper, it lacks bonus damage, meaningful to-hit bonuses or any resistance to curse items and other similar effects - other sources of reflection, e.g. a shield of reflection, may be preferable for characters that are capable of clearing the Lawful Quest.

When fighting Nightmare, remember that she gains the wielded effects of Nighthorn (i.e. reflection, as well as stun resistance in Hack'EM) and adjust your approach accordingly.

In Hack'EM, Nighthorn's damage and to-hit bonuses are low, but its ability to cure fear and prevent stunning it makes the artifact worth further consideration.


All that remains is her horn...
Nightmare was killed and dropped Nighthorn.[1]

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