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Base item dark elven bow
Damage vs. small arrow damage +7
Damage vs. large arrow damage +7
To-hit bonus +5
Bonus versus (any)
Weapon skill dark elven bow
Size one-handed


When carried


When wielded
When invoked


Base price 6000 zm
Weight 30
Material wood

Plague is an artifact bow that appears in SLASH'EM, dNetHack, SlashTHEM, and SpliceHack. It is chaotic aligned in all appearances, and typically favors drow.


Plague is chaotic-aligned and grants +5 to-hit and +7 to damage when firing arrows from it; arrows fired from Plague are auto-poisoned, and it confers poison resistance while wielded. As dark elven bows are not randomly generated, it will not generate randomly, but may be given as a sacrifice gift or wished for.


In dNetHack, Plague is a normal bow made from bone and can be invoked to temporarily treat arrows it fires as coated in filth: these arrows have a 20% chance of instantly killing monsters without sickness resistance, who then explode - the explosion's size depends on the slain monster and deals 6d6 damage to monsters caught in it. It also confers sickness resistance while wielded.


In addition to its traits in SLASH'EM, SlashTHEM also makes Plague available at The Forge.


In SpliceHack, Plague's flat bonuses are changed to dice rolls: it does +d7 damage and +d5 to-hit compared to a regular dark elven bow. It is a sacrifice gift for Drow.

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