The Staff of Withering

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)   Staff of Withering   Quarterstaff.png
Base item quarterstaff
Damage vs. small 1d6 +5 + level drain
Damage vs. large 1d6 +5 + level drain
To-hit bonus +3
Bonus versus not drain resistant
Weapon skill quarterstaff
Size two-handed
When carried
When wielded


When invoked
Base price zm
Weight 40
Material wood

The Staff of Withering is the Lycanthrope quest artifact in NetHack Plus and SLASH 6. It is also the quest artifact for the SlashTHEM version of the Lunatic role, which has a quest adapted from the former Lycanthrope quest.

Its base item is a quarterstaff. The Staff's attack can drain life from its targets ("The Staff of Withering draws the life from <target>!").

When carried, the Staff grants cold resistance. When invoked, it provides a boost in spell energy, similar to the Mitre of Holiness.


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