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I first discovered NetHack in college back in the early 90's. I had started out with Moria, but didn't stick with it long. I used telnet to play, and there was no color-coding of the ASCII. I suppose it was v3.0.x back in those days. I never made it very far, I had a tendency to quaff from fountains and die, among other stupid deaths. There were no spoiler web sites back in those days, only newsgroups, irc, and the occasional txt file. I really enjoyed the dynamic nature of the game, but eventually discovered MUDs and other distractions.

I recently downloaded the windows tile-based version of 3.4.3, and decided to get back in to the game. It has held my interest enough to divert me from what I thought was an incurable Lord of the Rings Online addiction. With much help from the wiki and some other spoilers, I have finally been able to complete an ascension. One thing I really love about NetHack, is that you always learn something every time you play; there is always room for improvement no matter how well (or poorly) you play. I have waited to write this profile until I finally won the game.


Brad the Heroine (lvl 22 Valkyrie) become immortal on Wed, Jan 9, 2008. Thanks to random character generation, I ended up ascending a girl named Brad, which I find somewhat amusing. It took 108,088 turns. I had a boatload of gold and a bag full of every valuable gemstone, plus several more amulets, but I ditched them in the top of the dungeon because I didn't want to be burdened on my first jaunt through the Elemental Planes. I had some trouble on the Plane of Air because I only had 1 potion of levitation (having previously lost a ring), but then I realized I could cover a good distance by kicking dragons, and got lucky finding the portal. I also wasted the potion by going from one side of the clouds to the other, then back, only to later read that the portal will be on the far side of the cloud bank. On the Astral, I went to the middle altar first (Odin), then the right side (Loki), before I found Tyr's altar and became a demigoddess.

      ST: 18/86  DX: 16  CO: 18  IN: 12  WI: 17  CH: 13  Lawful
      HP: 175(188)  PW: 95(95)  AC: -34  Burdened (looks like they unblessed my BOH in the end)

Thanks to some of my memorable pets (most were invisible and hasted):

  • Sylber: an Olog-hai that resulted from a dog eating a chameleon corpse, devoured by a purple worm
  • Kart: an orange dragon, came from a kitten eating a chameleon corpse, stoned by Medusa (YASPD, I had a mirror)
  • Insurance: an ogre king tamed by a scroll when I fell in a hole and was separated from the previous two pets
  • Tut: an orc mummy tamed by a scroll after a wand of create monster incident, left behind and went hostile
  • Spot: a floating eye tamed by a scroll after a wand of create monster incident, left behind intentionally
  • Flash: a yellow light tamed by a scroll after a wand of create monster incident, popped shortly thereafter
  • Tigg: a tiger tamed by a scroll after a wand of create monster incident, killed by me while confused (oops!)
  • Mort: a trident-wielding Nazgul tamed by a scroll after a wand of create monster incident
  • Sammy: an incident-tamed orc shaman with a reflecting shield, made it quite far in to Gehennom despite being lvl 4
  • Survivor: a warhorse that made it to the Plane of Fire even though I was being selfish with healing potions
  • Gardy: a guardian angel of Tyr who didn't make it to the 2nd altar in the Astral

Final Attributes:

  • piously aligned
  • fire resistant
  • cold resistant
  • sleep resistant
  • disintegration-resistant
  • shock resistant
  • poison resistant
  • level-drain resistant
  • magic protected
  • saw invisible
  • telepathic
  • warned
  • automatic searching
  • invisible to others
  • stealthy
  • aggravated monsters (probably from the bad decision to eat a nurse corpse)
  • slower digestion
  • protected
  • very fast
  • reflection
  • life would have been saved
  • extremely lucky
  • extra luck
  • good luck did not time out
  • survived being killed once (by the Wizard's death touch)

Notable enemies vanquished:

3738 creatures vanquished

Genocides: (2 blessed scrolls)

didn't achieve any notable conducts... used 3 wishes, did not wish for any artifacts. I think my 3rd wish was a magic marker maybe?

      You went to your reward with 4623500 points,
      Excalibur (worth 4000 zorkmids and 10000 points)
      Mjollnir (worth 4000 zorkmids and 10000 points)
      The Bell of Opening (worth 5000 zorkmids and 12500 points)
      The Orb of Fate (worth 3500 zorkmids and 8750 points)
      3 amulets of life saving (worth 450 zorkmids),
      1 amulet of unchanging (worth 150 zorkmids),
      1 amulet of magical breathing (worth 150 zorkmids)
      and 0 pieces of gold, after 108088 moves.
      You were level 22 with a maximum of 188 hit points when you ascended.

Farvel Brad the Demigoddess...

I found these guides helpful:


Konfuzzley the Reaver (Lvl 21 Barbarian) became immortal on October 25, 2015. He was a whirling circus of death with twin blades, who found sources of wishes in wands, thrones, fountains, lamps, and potions. An early accident with a polymorph trap was averted by an unidentified ring, and things went well enough from there.

    St: 25  Dx: 18  Cn: 18  In:14  Wi:16  Ch:9   Neutral
    HP: 209 (216)  Pw: 70 (70)  AC: -31  
  • Blessed amulet of life saving (wished for, with a few backups found)
  • the rustproof +0 Magicbane (sacrifice gift)
  • the blessed rustproof +6 Vorpal Blade (sacrifice gift, main weapon)
  • a blessed rustproof +6 Katana (wished for, two-weapon fun)
  • a blessed rustproof +5 Gauntlets of Power (wished for)
  • a blessed burnt +5 elven leather helm
  • a blessed fireproof +4 T-shirt (wished for)
  • a blessed fireproof +5 pair of speed boots
  • a blessed greased +5 silver dragon scale mail (wished for)
  • a blessed fireproof +5 cloak of magic resistance (wished for)
  • an uncursed +1 ring of increase damage
  • a cursed ring of free action
  • an uncursed pair of lenses

Artifacts in Bag of Holding

  • The Heart of Ahriman
  • Cleaver (sacrifice gift)
  • Sting (found in Orcus Town)
  • Demonbane (found on the Astral Plane)
  • Snickersnee (found in bones pile)

Final Attributes

  • You were piously aligned.
  • You were fire resistant.
  • You were cold resistant.
  • You were sleep resistant.
  • You were disintegration-resistant.
  • You were shock resistant.
  • You were poison resistant.
  • You were magic-protected.
  • You saw invisible.
  • You were telepathic.
  • You were invisible to others.
  • You were stealthy.
  • You had a +1 damage bonus.
  • You were very fast.
  • You had reflection.
  • You had free action.
  • Your life would have been saved.
  • You were wielding two weapons at once.
  • You were very lucky.
  • You survived.

Notable Creatures Vanquished

  • Orcus
  • Yeenoghu
  • Jubilex
  • The Wizard of Yendor (6 times)
  • Death
  • Pestilence (4 times)
  • Medusa
  • Thoth Amon
  • Vlad the Impaler

2698 creatures vanquished.

Genocides Wished for 3 blessed scrolls of genocide just before the elemental planes. Used the first one for Dragons when I was surrounded on the plane of Air. Used the second one for liches because I'd had enough of them. Used the third one to kill sea monsters on the plane of water. 28 species genocided.

Conduct I did not wish for any artifacts, there were plenty in the world anyway. I used 11 total wishes, including magic marker and scrolls of charging.


    Goodbye Konfuzzley the Demigod...
    You and the invisible Gabe (archon pet from a wish used on the astral plane)
     went to your reward with 4415806 points,
     Magicbane (worth 3500 zorkmids and 8750 points)
     Vorpal Blade (worth 4000 zorkmids and 10000 points)
     Demonbane (worth 2500 zorkmids and 6250 points)
     Snickersnee (worth 1200 zorkmids and 3000 points)
     Cleaver (worth 1500 zorkmids and 3750 points)
     The Heart of Ahriman (worth 2500 zorkmids and 6250 points)
     Sting (worth 800 zorkmids and 2000 points)
     10 amber stones (worth 10000 zorkmids),
      8 opals (worth 6400 zorkmids),
      7 black opals (worth 17500 zorkmids),
      7 amethyst stones (worth 4200 zorkmids),
      6 dilithium crystals (worth 27000 zorkmids),
      6 jade stones (worth 1800 zorkmids),
      4 rubies (worth 14000 zorkmids),
      4 emeralds (worth 10000 zorkmids),
      4 aquamarine stones (worth 6000 zorkmids),
      3 turquoise stones (worth 6000 zorkmids),
      3 chrysoberyl stones (worth 2100 zorkmids),
      3 agate stones (worth 600 zorkmids),
      2 diamonds (worth 8000 zorkmids),
      2 sapphires (worth 6000 zorkmids),
      1 topaz stone (worth 900 zorkmids),
      1 jet stone (worth 850 zorkmids),
      1 garnet stone (worth 700 zorkmids),
      1 obsidian stone (worth 200 zorkmids),
      3 amulets of life saving (worth 450 zorkmids),
      2 amulets of reflection (worth 300 zorkmids),
     and 60322 pieces of gold, after 69365 moves.
     You were level 21 with a maximum of 216 hit points when you ascended.

--Mysterx (talk) 10:29, 25 October 2015 (UTC)