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A villithid, V, is a type of monster that appears in notdNetHack. A villithid is an undead male mind flayer that has become a vampire and taken on the traits of vampires, including their regeneration, weakness to silver and resistances such as the resistance to death magic shared with other undead. The vilithid is considered a lord to his kind.

A villithid has a weapon attack, a tentacle attack that drains blood, and a second tentacle attack that drains intelligence like other mind flayers. Villithids possess cold resistance, sleep resistance and poison resistance.


Randomly generated villithids are always created hostile. They are not a valid form for normal polymorph.

Several villithids can be encountered by Illithanachronounbinders on the Illithanachronounbinder quest.

A villithid never leaves a corpse upon death.


Vampiric illithids, also knowns as vampire mind flayers, originate from Dungeons & Dragons, where they are portrayed as more 'feral' than typical illithids - they cannot create spawn like other illithids, require both fresh blood and fresh brains to survive, are barely intelligent, and are hated and feared by typical illithid society like other 'deviant' illithids. In-universe, their origin is unclear: one possible origin is given in the 5th Edition Ravenloft adventure Thoughts of Darkness, where they are described as "either the result of a Mind Flayer tadpole infecting a vampiric host or a host that becomes a vampire before the tadpole fully converts them". Another source indicates that Lyssa von Zarovich, a descendant of Strahd von Zarovich, attempted to create a creature powerful enough to overthrow her great uncle.

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