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Dancer is a defunct role in SpliceHack. Dancers were glass cannons, with little in the way of defense, but the ability to dish out enormous amounts of damage using a wide variety of techniques. They had a specific focus on dealing elemental damage. They were removed in SpliceHack 1.0.0.[1]

Starting inventory

Each Dancer started with the following:

Dancers began the game with speed boots and the drum of earthquake already identified.


Dancers gained intrinsics at these experience levels:


Max Skill


Dancers could make use of the following techniques:

Technique Level Steps Required Description
Song of seasons 1 5 Activate the elemental fist technique with no cooldown, if it is available.
Elemental fist 1 None As the monk technique. Deal elemental damage with unarmed attacks.
Winterwake waltz 3 5 Gain temporary water walking for 20-50 turns, or increase the current timeout for water walking by that many turns.
Air dash 5 None As the monk technique. Dash forwards through the air.
Flow breaker 7 None Instantly exit a dance state.
Terran tango 9 15 Create an earthquake, and cause nearby monsters to hurtle backward.
Summer storm step 11 10 Fire a bolt of lightning in the direction of the last attack. This lightning bolt functions the same as a wand of lightning.
Detonation dance 13 25 Explode in a 3x3 explosion for 2d4 fire damage. Unlike other techniques, this does not reset the step count, allowing for constant explosions.
Spellstrike slide None 25 Cast a known spell, ignoring failure rate. Learned upon killing the quest nemesis.


The central mechanic of the dancer role was dancing. Whenever a dancer hit a monster, they entered a state called dancing, and their step count changed. The step count of a dancer changed via a number of different actions:

Action Message Step Count Change
Hit a monster when the step count is zero. "You channel the energy of your attack and enter into a dance!" Step count = 5.
Take a turn. Step count - 1
Hit a monster when the step count is greater than zero. Step count + 2
Hit a monster, and reach the number of steps required for a technique in use. (Message specific to the technique in use) Step count = 0
Activate a dancer technique "You begin performing the [technique name]!" No change

Dancer-specific techniques, notated by a required number of steps, functioned differently than techniques for other roles. Each dance functioned like a "stance" in other games: active until you stopped using it, and you could freely switch your active dance using #technique.

When a dance technique was active, the effects did not take place right away. Instead, the technique took effect when the dancer's step count reached a certain number of steps specific to the technique. Every time that a dancer hit a monster, if their step count was higher than the required steps of a currently active technique, an effect specific to that dance would occur. The dance would still be active, but the step count would be set to zero.


The Dancer quest involved the player fighting the Time Elemental in an attempt to obtain the Power Pole.