The Rod of Lordly Might

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)   The Rod of Lordly Might   (No tile)
Base item mace
Damage vs. small 1d6+1 x2
Damage vs. large 1d6 x2
To-hit bonus +1d3
Bonus versus any
Weapon skill mace
Size one-handed
When carried
  • (none)
When wielded
  • (none)
When invoked
Base price 4000 zm
Weight 30
Material iron

The Rod of Lordly Might is an artifact weapon that appears in dNetHack and SlashTHEM. It is lawful for wishing purposes, and is the guaranteed first sacrifice gift for Nobles.

In all variants that include it, the Rod is generated as a mace. In dNetHack, however, it can be invoked to transform it into any of a number of one-handed melee weapons (axe, lance, rapier, spear, and the starting mace). Besides changing form, the Rod has several additional invocation effects in that variant, some of which are accessible only while the Rod is in a particular form.

In dNetHack, some races have unique first sacrifice gifts for Nobles that replace the Rod. Droven Nobles and Elven Nobles receive the Sceptre of Lolth and the Rod of the Elvish Lords, respectively, which share the same limited invocation effects as the Rod of Lordly Might but have racial weapons as their base items and alternate forms. Dwarf Nobles receive the Armor of Khazad-dum.



In dNetHack, invoking the Rod of Lordly Might allows the player to choose one of several invocation effects:

  • At will: The Rod can be ordered to assume a different form as often as desired.
    • Become mace
    • Become axe
    • Become rapier
    • Become spear
    • Become lance
    • Fast engraving: While in rapier form, the Rod may be used to engrave as an athame.
  • Limited: these powers are limited by the artifact's invoke cooldown. Once you invoke one of them, you can't invoke any of these powers for rnz(100) turns.
    • Become Ladder (Rod must be a mace):
      • Prior to gaining the amulet: Similar to quaffing a cursed potion of gain level, allows you to escape through the ceiling to the level above.
      • After gaining the amulet: Similar to zapping a wand of digging downward, allows you to escape through the floor to the level below.
      • While swallowed: Similar to zapping a wand of digging, the extending ladder seriously injures physical monsters engulfing you.
    • Show me my surroundings: Maps local area using clairvoyance.
    • Inspire Fear: Scares nearby monsters that can see you.
    • Give me your life (Rod must be a spear): Drains two levels from one adjacent monster and heals you for 4d8 hp.
    • Kneel: Paralyzes one adjacent monster.

Using the "become ladder" command while engulfed will reduce the engulfing monster's HP to 1, with a few exceptions. If the monster is Juiblex, Leviathan, or a rare metroid queen, its health will only be reduced by 14.


In SlashTHEM, invoking the Rod reveals the location of all pets on the level, and increases the tameness of those that are within line of sight.


The Rod extends quickly, reaching for the <ceiling>!
The "Become Ladder" command was used prior to gaining the Amulet (dNetHack).
The <ceiling> obediently yields before the Rod, and you climb to the level above.
The command succeeded.
However, it is unable to pierce the <ceiling>.
The command failed because the player was on a level where the gain level effect is blocked.
The Rod begins to extend quickly upwards. However, a mysterious force slams it back into the <surface> below.
The command was used after gaining the Amulet (dNetHack). A pit or hole is created below the player, as if a wand of digging was zapped downwards.
The Rod quickly lengthens and pierces <foo>'s <stomach> wall!
The command was used while engulfed by a physical monster, reducing its health and expelling the player.
You thrust the Rod into the air, that all may know of your might.
The "Inspire Fear" command was used (dNetHack).
The Rod glows and then fades. <Foo> suddenly seems weaker! You feel better.
The "Give Me Your Life" command was used successfully to drain life from a monster (dNetHack).
The Rod glows and then fades. <Foo> kneels before you.
The "Kneel" command was used successfully to paralyze a monster (dNetHack).


Reference: Chris' Noble Patch