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Acid resistance will protect you against acid damage, but does not protect your equipment against acid – you can do that by corrodeproofing it.

Acid resistance can be obtained extrinsically by wearing yellow dragon scales, yellow dragon scale mail, or an alchemy smock. As an intrinsic, it can only be obtained by polymorphing into a monster with intrinsic acid resistance (e.g. any acidic monster).


Despite the resistance's rarity, it is not that worthwhile, as sources of acid damage are uncommon; even in scenarios where the acid does significant damage, it can often be easily avoided by other methods.



In SLASH'EM, the alchemy smock has been replaced by the lab coat, which also provides this extrinsic. Acid resistance is still not usually considered necessary for ascension, but some new monsters in SLASH'EM, most notoriously the giant shoggoth, deal massive amounts of acid damage and therefore a player who has magic resistance, reflection, drain resistance, and magic cancellation through other means may opt for yellow dragon scale mail just to be on the safe side.


In FIQHack, extrinsic acid resistance protects your items from corrosion.

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