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Template:Iron color File:Chakram.png
Name chakram
Appearance circular blade
Damage vs. small 1d9
Damage vs. large 1d9
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill boomerang
Size one-handed
Base price 20 zm
Weight 5
Material silver

A chakram is a type of ranged weapon that appears in dNetHack, SpliceHack, and Hack'EM. It is made of silver. They can be stacked, poisoned, and multishot. When unidentified, it appears as a circular blade.

Boomerang skill

Chakrams are a new weapon that uses boomerang skill.


Like boomerangs, chakrams will not return if their path is blocked by a wall, or if they move over a sink. Chakrams also have the same flight patterns as boomerangs. When used as a melee weapon rather than thrown, damage output is reduced to 1-2 points.


The chakram first appears in dNetHack.



Max Role
Basic Priest, Undead Slayer
Expert Archaeologist, Caveman, Ranger, Tourist

In Hack'EM, the mechanics of boomerangs have been updated so that they can slice *through* enemies in their path instead of always stopping at the first enemy hit. The higher your skill in boomerang, the more likely your chakram will continue through the enemies.

Chakrams can be sharpened with whetstones.

Although chakram have a base material of iron, they can also appear in other materials: bone, wood, silver, copper, mithril, gold, glass, mineral, and platinum.

In Hack'EM you can #craft new chakrams by forging boomerangs and shuriken together.


Max Role
Basic Priest
Skilled Android, Monk
Expert Archaeologist, Anachrononaut, Caveman, Ranger, Tourist

Encyclopedia entry

The people of the kingdom ... are very good fighting men and good knights, armed with many kinds of weapons; they are great bowmen, and very strong men; they have very good lances, swords, daggers, steel maces, and battle-axes, with which they fight; and they have some steel wheels, which they call chakarani, two fingers broad, sharp outside like knives, and without edge inside; and the surface of these is of the size of a small plate. And they carry seven or eight of these each, put on the left arm; and they take one and put it on the finger of the right hand, and make it spin round many times, and so they hurl it at their enemies, and if they hit anyone on the arm or leg or neck, it cuts through all. And with these they carry on much fighting, and are very dexterous with them.

[ Duarte Barbosa (1970). A Description of the Coasts of East Africa and Malabar. ]