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)   Doomblade   Orcish short sword.png
Base item orcish short sword
Damage vs. small 1d5 +10 +5d4 (25% chance)
Damage vs. large 1d8 +10 +5d4 (25% chance)
To-hit bonus +0
Bonus versus (any)
Weapon skill short sword
Size one-handed


When carried


When wielded


When invoked


Base price 1000 zm
Weight 30
Material iron

Doomblade is a chaotic artifact orcish short sword introduced in SLASH'EM and included in SpliceHack. It deals a flat extra 10 damage against all monsters, with a 25% chance of dealing an extra 5d4 damage every attack. This is indicated by the message "You plunge the Doomblade deeply into <monster>"; however, it still deals extra damage to incorporeal or tiny monsters, despite what the message might seem to imply. You can still deal this extra damage even if wielding Doomblade as an offhand weapon (which is allowed for artifacts in SLASH'EM).


One might consider this weapon the useful big brother to Grimtooth. Although it is somewhat rarely seen, given the multitude of artifacts in SLASH'EM, it is actually one of the best weapons in the game. On average, it will deal an extra 13.125 damage, which is better than Excalibur, Snickersnee, and the new Skullcrusher. Oftentimes, the extra 5d4 damage is just the thing to finish off a difficult monster, and it occurs frequently enough to be useful, as opposed to just being an occasional bonus. Even if one is unlucky with its random damage bonus, its standard damage bonus makes it a perfectly viable weapon, even in SLASH'EM's end game. Players who cannot effectively use the Bat from Hell due to being restricted in clubs may find this a worthwhile wish, as might those who want an extremely powerful artifact with which to #twoweapon.