Droven chain mail

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For the armor in EvilHack, see dark elven chain mail.
[   droven chain mail   Droven chain mail.png
Appearance crested black mail
Slot body armor
AC 2
Base price 1000 zm
Weight 50
Material shadowsteel

Droven chain mail is a type of body armor that appears in dNetHack and notdNetHack. It is always made of shadowsteel, and appears as crested black mail when unidentified.

Droven chain mail is the base item for the artifact Spidersilk.


Droven chain mail is not randomly generated. Drow characters in roles that start with leather armor or a cloak of magic resistance will have it replaced with droven chain mail, and drow Bards generate with droven chain mail in place of the standard leather cloak.

Most hedrow monsters will generate with droven chain mail, including hedrow wizards, hedrow master-wizards, and drow alienists. Yochlols can generate with droven chain mail in any form, and the various steeds generated alongside droven hunting parties have a 110 chance of generating with barded droven chain mail fitted to their body shape.


While worn, droven chain mail grants 2 base AC, 4 DR and MC2, and also confers a bonus to spellcasting equivalent to wearing a robe - this bonus stacks with the bonus from an actual worn robe. As shadowsteel armor, droven chain mail has a chance of evaporating in lit squares, with the chance reduced if the wearer has MC3 or invisibility - erodeproofed droven chain mail will repair partial evaporation while the wearer remains in an unlit square.

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