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The Keter Sephiroth (singular Keter Sephirah) are dNetHack's replacements for the Keystone Kops. The Keter are based on the Inevitables from 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons.

The naming system used for the Keter Sephiroth is based on the Kabbalah, but the symbolism of the Kabbalah otherwise has nothing to do with the Keter.

Strange spiritual machines, the Crown Enumerations enforce
the inevitability of certain Laws on the inhabitants of
this world.

Malkuth Sephirah

The kingship enumerations take over the main functionality of the Keystone Kops in dNetHack; they are created in large numbers and attempt to block the character off from the stairs, trapping them on the current level. The Malkuth Sephiroth are significantly more dangerous than the Kops, however, as they are very fast (speed 24), can destroy wands with their electrical attacks, and grab the character, making it difficult to run away or engage in melee combat.

Malkuth Sephiroth are the backbone of the forces of the Keter. They are never created alone; instead, squads of Malkuth accompany one or two of the higher Keter on their missions.

A clockwork centaur, marble facades over a universe
of brass gears and struts. A pair of hooked chains
extend from its wrists and a coil of rope wraps
around its waist.

"Whether in this life or the next,
you shall face inevitable judgement."

Yesod Sephirah

The foundation enumerations lead the detachments of Keter sent against characters that rob shops. Once the alarm sounds, three detachments of Malkuth Sephiroth appear on the current level, each led by a Yesod Sephirah. One detachment appears around the thief, one around the downstair, and one on the upstair.

Yesod Sephiroth do more damage than do Malkuth Sephiroth, but are slower and don't have any special effects on their attacks.

A humanoid sculpture of black metal and mechanical
muscles, clad in golden armor and a crimson cloak.
It bears a silver scroll on its breastplate.

"Whether by blood, or by gold, or by sweat,
the contract will inevitably be repaid."

Daat Sephirah

Daat Sephiroth are the guardians of holiness, and attack those who defile themselves. If a priest or shopkeeper sees evidence of many spirit bindings, Daat will be summoned and the shopkeeper or priest angered:

  • 0–3 visible marks: no effect, other than barring entry as per usual
  • 4 visible marks: 1 Daat summoned
  • 5 visible marks: 2 Daat summoned
  • 6+ visible marks: 2 Daat summoned adjacent to the player, 2 more Daat and an accompanying swarm of lesser Keter at each stair

If a priest sees more 6 or more marks, he will also summon 3 minions of his god to fight you.

A six-arm humanoid torso, made from an amalgamation of
metal and stone, surmounts a whirling orrery of rings
of pure metals and carved stone. In the gaps between
segments of its admixed skin can be seen interlocking
gears of like composition to the rings of its orrery.

"The inevitability of separation and the turning of
 the Great Wheel shall not be transcended."

Hod Sephirah

The fealty enumerations lead the detachments of Keter sent against characters that repeatedly violate their own internal laws (Knights that attack fleeing targets, Archeologists that dig up graves, etc). Some external laws will also anger the Hod Sephirah, including murder even as a chaotic, slaughtering coaligned unicorns, and murdering your quest leader. Each time a character violates such a law, an internal counter is incremented. The higher the counter, the greater the odds that a Hod Sephirah will be generated during normal monster generation. When a Hod Sephirah is generated, the counter is decremented, reducing the likelihood that additional Hod will be created.

Hod Sephiroth attack with a duplicate of your currently wielded weapon, or with their own innate attacks if they determine that your weapon is obviously substandard. Their mirrored facades grant them reflection.

A humanoid figure, clad in mirrored armor over wrappings of
some black cloth that drinks the light. The oval mirror that
is its head bears the reflection of your face. A pair of
mismatched wings spread from its back, one angelic and the
other demonic. Beneath its cloth skin, the turning of metal
gears can be faintly heard.

"The one time a man inevitably tells the truth
is when he makes a vow in his own heart."

Adapted from Code Geass

Gevurah Sephirah

The severity enumerations lead the detachments of Keter sent against characters that repeatedly cheat death, whether with an amulet of life saving or by rehumanizing after receiving fatal damage in a polymorph form.

Like the Hod Sephiroth, Gevurah Sephiroth are generated during normal monster generation, based on a counter keeping track of the number of times you have cheated death. Unlike the Hod Sephiroth, the counter is not decremented when a Gevurah Sephirah is created.

Gevurah Sephiroth attack with high-damage electrical and physical attacks. They can also pick up and throw boulders.

An Onyx statue in golden armor. Its right fist crackles with
lightning and its left fist rings with peals of thunder. It
bears a leaden omega crest on its chestplate, and its face
is carved into the shape of a great skull. With each step it
takes, there is the whirring of golden gears.

"Whether by age, plague, war, or the hangman's noose,
the inevitability of death waits for none."

The Inevitable, by Todd Stewart

Binah Sephirah

Binah Sephirah are only spawned when playing as a Binder. 3 Binah are spawned whenever a Rider is spawned or revives. There will thus be 9 Binah when you first enter the Astral Plane, and 3 more each time you kill one of the Riders.

An angular, abstract scupture of unyielding iron and floating
hexagonal gears. The narrow pyramid of its body tapers to a
razor point, and its arms are swordblades about which dance
arcs of black light.

"Agency is not given to you,
 to challenge the inevitablilty of your Maker."

Chokhmah Sephirah

The wisdom enumerations are sent against characters who repeatedly flout the laws of the Keter.

As with Hod and Gevurah Sephiroth, Chokhmah Sephiroth are controlled by a counter. This counter increments each time a Hod or Gevurah would be created, but is not actually created due to being too weak to face the character. The counter is never decremented.

Chokhmah Sephiroth can duplicate the attacks of any of the lesser Keter. Additionally, Chokhmah Sephiroth grow in power with each Chokhmah that is sent out, increasing their speed, damage, magic resistance, and AC.

A delicate-seeming statue of mythril and adamantine, Justice
herself come down off her pedestal to bring ruin to those who
deny the inevitability of Law. Clad in sapphire armor, her
left hand bears a balance scale and her right wields a black
blade. A blindfold is tied around her neck; her onyx eyes
never leave her target. Within her body spins an infinity
of miniscule clockwork mechanisms.

"The Crown's Law shall come to pass.
Inevitability shall not be denied."