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A nethack variant based on NetHack4.

Source code is hosted on github

You can play it online at

Since NetHack4 is based off NetHack 3.4.3 (via NitroHack + AceHack), consider 3.4.3 as the "baseline" rather than 3.6.0.

Version 4.3.0

Changes applicable to junethack 2016

  • Wands have been rebalanced
  • Floating eyes now have passive slow and a slowness gaze effect instead of the NH4 "feature" where you can't attack them
  • Energy regeneration greatly boosted earlygame. EoTA users, however, should expect generally slightly less energy. Energy is now based on wisdom and experience level only, with Wizards getting a boost, and people with energy regeneration (EoTA) getting a bigger one.
    • +1pw/turn for eregen
    • +0.33pw/turn for wizards
    • +0.03*wisdom pw/turn for wisdom if your wisdom is higher than 3
    • +0.03*level pw/turn
  • Added 4 spells, all of which are level 7
    • spellbook of charging (equivalent to an uncursed scroll of charging), enchantment spell
    • spellbook of phase (21-60 turns of phasing, stacks), escape spell
    • spellbook of astral eyesight (11-30 turns of xray, stacks. Note that the xray range in FIQHack is 8, not 3), divination spell
    • spellbook of summon nasty (equivalent to vanilla monster spell), clerical spell
  • Added spell maintenance
    • Some spells can now be "maintained", slowly draining Pw but applying a continuous effect. More info
  • Improvements to the monster AI
    • Monsters now cast player spells instead of monster spells, and can learn new spells from spellbooks
    • Monsters now use items significantly more intelligently
    • They now use almost every useful amulet, wand, scroll, potion and spell
    • They now wear rings
    • They use containers now, both bags in their inventory and looting containers from the floor (The Castle chest is special cased to prevent them from looting the castle wand and exhaust it a la Grunt)
  • Players can now be slowed and/or canceled
    • Slowness can be given from being in the view of a floating eye, being hit by the slow monster wand or spell.
    • Makes you half as fast as without it.
    • Can only be "cured" by waiting it out.
    • Being canceled is permanent until cured.
    • Cancellation prevents you from making any use of your Pw/energy.
    • Also prevents a majority of special attacks similar to monsters (only relevant for polyself).
    • Considered a major trouble.
    • Can also be cured by quaffing a noncursed potion of gain energy, reading a scroll of charging while confused or stepping onto a magic trap and getting the "You are caught in a magical explosion!" effect (which is far more common than usual if canceled).
  • Monster intrinsic/extrinsic system now works like players (in fact, players now use the new monster intrinsic system too). This means that monster has a lot of new intrinsics/extrinsics to play around with. This also means that illness, sliming, strangulation and petrification are gradual processes for monsters now. Eating corpses/jewelry confer new intrinsics (but only pets eat corpses at present).
  • The "curse items" harassment and unlucky throne effect now curses 3x as many items, and Magicbane only reduces its effect by 2/3 rather than making it not apply 95% of the time, to compensate for the removal of the "curse items" monster spell
  • Bones can be scarier -- the ghost now gets the same intrinsics as the late player, and each bones has a 33% of replacing the ghost with an alive player monster with the same inventory as the late player, the same spells and the same intrinsics/etc
  • Improved player monster ascension kit on Astral
  • Buffed #turn
    • The helpless duration scales with level, from 5 turns at XL1 down to 1 whole turn at level 24 to merely a single action at XL30
    • Mitre of Holiness now allows you to pray inside Gehennom while worn -- this includes normal praying as well as usage of #turn
  • You can wish for magic lamps

Changes applicable to junethack 2017

  • Poison instadeath has been replaced with permanent (not possible to restore with potion or unihorn) attribute damage
  • Nerfed conflict back to vanilla levels -- no longer works on ranged combat
  • Buffed martial arts -- glove enchantment now matters, and it no longer does only 1 damage 25% of the time
  • Zombies will now cure corpses in an area around them and cause zombification disease when attacking. Undead now grudge living and vice versa
    • When zombies cure corpses in an area, the revived monsters are either converted to zombies (if there is a corresponding zombie variant of said monster), or enslaved under the command of the reviver (the zombie), thus having the same grudges/attackings/etc. These are denoted with "enslaved" in messages (The enslaved kitten hits! etc)
    • Zombification disease is a delayed instadeath timer somewhat similar to illness that start at 100 and decreases by 10 each successive hit
    • It can be cured by the same means as regular illness or food poisoning (including being considered a major trouble for prayer)
    • As long as you have more than 40 turns to live, the disease wears off naturally over time if there is no zombies nearby
    • When the timer decreases below 40 turns (where it will never wear off by itself), the game makes this very clear, so don't worry about missing it
    • Minor zombification disease (41+ turns left) never kills
  • Added object properties.
  • Greatly improved searching
  • Lenses now provide automatic searching
  • The mines brightness is now consistent. Upper mines are always bright, lower mines are always dark.
  • The Oracle can now provide enlightenment, for a cost
  • Rings dropped in sinks to identify them can now be retrieved by destroying the sink and digging a pit on the square (they're buried)
  • Changed identification
    • They now all ID 1/2/3/4/all objects at random
    • Cursed scroll/unskilled spell now only identifies object type, appearance and artifacts
    • Uncursed scroll/basic spell also IDs enchantment, object properties, charge count, tin content and egg type
    • Skilled spell also IDs BUC
    • Blessed scroll/expert spell also identifies fooproof state (Blessed scroll also IDs BUC as per above)
  • Changed spell levels
    • Dig is level 2
    • Identify is level 2
    • Cancellation is level 5
    • Teleport away is level 5
    • Polymorph is level 7
    • Create familiar is level 2
  • Magic missile now does less damage at lower skills than Expert. However, they can now disrupt reflection and semi-bypass MR (so MR only halves damage) at Skilled and Expert respectively. The Magic Mirror of Merlin's double damage will not apply to other Knights (including yourself), to compensate. Watch out for lategame magic missile users!
  • Tweaked starting inventory, mostly making the random optional stuff guaranteed. Tourist and Wizards get more significant changes (Tourists get all of their formerly optional tools, Wizards no longer get scrolls, potions, rings, and can only start with wands of striking, but start with 4 spells instead (force bolt, magic missile, 2 random)). Only tourists can start with markers, and they always get it
  • Quarterstaves enhance spellcasting like robes, and now allows spellcasting even if cursed welded to you
  • Magicbane is now a quarterstaff
  • Level gain changes
    • A new EXP formula was created, it's now generally much easier to gain new levels after level 10
    • Level draining melee is no longer MC-protected, and will now drain a full level
    • While level drained, you now gain significantly boosted EXP, and blessed full healing can now regains all lost levels, not just half of them (with the other half permanently lost)
  • Lowlevel casters (kobold shamans, orc shamans and gnomish wizards) no longer approach you in melee, since they have no melee capabilities whatsoever but instead try to find a line up to you and stay there. This makes them significantly more dangerous as a result and are no longer trivial pushovers
  • Make dragons much faster (same speed as horses: speed 9 -> 20)
    • Their breath has a chance (per breath) to semi-bypass reflection (as skilled ray-type wands). Disintegration will never bypass reflection
    • Also improve their AI significantly, making them move around much more tactically
  • Armor weight changes
    • Wearing armor now weight half as much
    • Armor weight was increased in general
    • The net effect is generally that armor weights slightly less if worn
    • Dragon armor now weight 300 instead of 40 (150 if worn)
      • For comparision, mithril coats weight 200 (100 if worn)
    • Cloak of magic resistance is now MC2. Cloak of displacement is MC3
      • Magic resistance is generally more useful, CoD was hardly ever used
    • Crystal plate mail now gives AC:0/Def:10
    • Dwarvish roundshields give AC:7/Def:3
  • Alignment penalties now set your alignment at zero, then gives the penalty
  • Oilskin cloaks and white dragon scales/mail now protects against inventory water damage
  • Shimmering dragons exist, as do their scales, which grant displacement.
  • Wizard of Yendor will no longer steal your quest artifact
  • Sokoban monsters are never generated peaceful
  • Potions/scrolls/books/wands are no longer destroyed if you have the applicable extrinsic. Only having it extrinsically protects against it, not intrinsically.
  • You can throw items (any item except for ammo from an appropriate launcher) to intelligent non-paralyzed pets to force them to pick it up (by catching it).
  • Wands of create monster was decreased from 11-15 charges to 4-8. In addition, instead of summoning 1/2/3/4/5+d7 (with a 1/23 chance of summoning +d7 on lower levels too), it now summons 1/d2/d4/d8/d16 with no additional monsters.
  • Buffed Tsurugi of Muramasa -- now does double damage (instead of +1d8) and can be invoked to uncurse itself.
  • Added classic_status from DynaHack which gives the bottom status bar a look similar to NetHack 3
  • Sparkle is now a numeric option, allowing you to select how long it animates
  • Gave colored DSM and scales (not silver/gray) new benefits:
    • Red: Infravision (2017), Warning. and See invisible (2018) (in addition to the normal fire resistance)
    • White: Protects against water damage to your inventory items (2017), automatic searching with enchantment contributing to search bonus, as the ring (2018) (in addition to the normal cold resistance)
    • Orange: Free action (in addition to the normal sleep resistance)
    • Black: Drain resistance (in addition to the normal disintegration resistance)
    • Blue: Speed, slow monster immunity (in addition to the normal shock resistance)
    • Green: Sickness resistance (in addition to the normal poison resistance)
    • Yellow: Stoning resistance (in addition to the normal acid resistance)
    • Shimmering: Stun resistance (2018) (in addition to the normal displacement)

Changes applicable to junethack 2018

  • Further buffs to DSM (see above)
  • New feature, "find", available through Ctrl+F. Allows you to search for objects you remember seeing. Example
  • Fixed a bug where maintaining the protection spell would give you more Def than supposed to
  • Wands of create monster now spawn 1/3 times as often as previously in monster inventories
  • Extrinsic fire resistance now prevents items from burning, waterproofness prevents rusting and acid res prevents corroding
  • Changed scroll writing for unknown scrolls and spells: Instead of being Luck dependant, you now have a XL/50 chance of success. Priests get a +20 bonus to effective XL when calculating their chance, so at XL30 they can always write unknown scrolls.
  • Autoswap: when you attempt to fire a projectile, an appropriate launcher in your alternate weapon slot will be automatically equipped to fire the projectile. This does not cost a turn. Similarly, if you are currently wielding a launcher, attempting to move into a hostile monster will automatically attack with a melee weapon in the alternate weapon slot, or with unarmed if no weapon is available there. (note: swapping between your primary weapon and alternate weapon already did not cost a turn, which is a feature inherited from Nethack4.)
  • The inventory sidebar show total weight and carrying capacity as well as slot count
  • Changed artigifting/artiwishing
    • Only gifted artifacts affects the rate of future artifact gifts
    • Only wished-for artifacts affect the rate of future artifact wishes
    • Artiwishing rate was nerfed to compensate (Old: 100%, 100%, 66%, 50%, 40%, ..., New: 100%, 50%, 33%, 25%, 20%, ...)
  • You can now alias spells
    • 'quiver' (and 'fire' if nothing is quivered) will now prompt if you want to quiver a spell. This way you can use 'f' to fire spells
    • A new command, 'castalias' was added, allowing you to alias keys to spells by mapping keys to it (Options -> interface -> keymap) and invoking it. This allows you to alias more than a single spell to keys.
  • HP regeneration rate was changed
    • +1hp/turn for regen
    • +0.33hp/turn for healers
    • +0.03*level hp/turn
    • +0.03*(constitution - 5) hp/turn
    • min cap is +0.01 hp/turn
    • Hunger from ring of regeneration only applies when you aren't at maximum HP.
  • You can now get into the Quest at XL10 instead of XL14.
  • Buffed crowning slightly.
    • It now gives intrinsic acid resistance
    • In addition to this, it also gives you permanent knowledge of your role's "special spell".
    • Since this would make the crowning gift a monk gets redundant, they now get a magic marker.
  • New object, potion of wonder
    • Will give a random intrinsic permanently (blessed/uncursed)/remove one instead (cursed)
    • Intrinsic chosen is random and it can pick something you already have if uncursed
    • Exotic intrinsics can be acquired this way like magic resistance -- and hunger, polymorph, slowness
    • Generation: 10/1000 of all potions. Some of the 42/1000 potions was changed to 40/1000 to compensate (confusion, gain ability, booze, sickness, fruit juice)
    • You can dip objects into them to grant one (more) property. Cursed will remove a property, uncursed will potentially add a redundant one and blessed will ensure that the new one isn't redundant. However, for noncursed potions, there is a 1 - 1 / (existing properties + 1) chance of all properties being lost, and a 1 / (existing properties + 1) chance of any to be added in first place.
  • New item properties, nasty (+3d6 damage but does +1d6 to the user on each hit or miss) and carrying (+10% carrycap, stacks with other items of carrying)
  • Objects now merge regardless of object knowledge, combining the knowledge. Previously, this was only the case for BUC knowledge
  • Archeologists gets a bonus to base searching rate (+10)
  • You can now ID/appraise enchantment of weapons based on your proficiency with it
    • Unskilled users can't appraise weapons at all (similar to vanilla)
    • Basic will learn enchantment with a 1% chance per hit
    • Skilled will learn enchantment with a 10% chance per hit
    • Expert users can see enchantment immediately without using the weapon (If you reached Expert while wielding it, a hit will reveal it)
  • Life saving will not apply if the player is nonliving.
  • Remove the prevention of fire and frost on weapons stacking
  • Change spellbook mechanics to reduce tedium
    • You now learn a spell for 60k instead of 20k turns
    • Reading the book successfully and (re)learning something from it will destroy the book
    • Roles no longer start knowing their starting spells but has to read them. This only really matter for Wizards -- everyone else can read their book(s) on turn 1 due to always being blessed. Wizards get force bolt and magic missile preblessed, the others can be uncursed or blessed
    • As a result, this means that you can only cast "confuse self" from T:60001 and onwards assuming you got the spell at T:1. This was anticipated, but not considered a problem.
    • Since spellbooks now lack charges, this means you can polypile books indefinitely and relearn/learn spells from them. However, the book will disappear when you successfully (re)learn a spell, as usual.
  • Monsters now have proper Pw/energy, meaning they can potentially cast several spells in quick succession and no longer uses a cooldown system. This makes spellcasters, particularly latergame ones, more dangerous
  • Perseus is now guranteed to drop a shield of reflection and levitation boots
  • Buffed some artifacts
    • Cleaver now hits in an arc, hitting monsters at left and right of your main target.
    • Trollsbane now give hungerless regeneration
    • Dragonbane is now a lance, gives reflection, and has halved weight (180wt -> 90wt)
    • Sunsword blocks blindness, like Eyes of the Overworld
    • Demonbane is now a silver saber and will prevent demon gating
    • These artifacts now do +1d20 instead of x2 vs their bane: Dragonbane, Demonbane, Werebane, Giantslayer, Ogresmasher, Trollsbane, Sunsword
    • Dragonbane is now the 1st sacrifice gift for Knights
  • Blessed scrolls of teleportation will now, instead of prompting for if you want to teleport, allow you to perform a controlled teleporation whether you have teleport control or not.
  • Added monster lookup. Either specify a monster with '/', or use ':' instead of '.' when farlooking with ';' for info.
  • New racial choices
    • Dwarven knights
    • Elven monks
    • Orcish priests
    • Gnomish tourists
  • Alignment penalties no longer set you to 0, then decrease -- instead, max alignment record decreases down to a minimum of 20.
  • You can displace peacefuls. Monsters can, too; tame, hostile or other peacefuls.
  • Altars are colored based on alignment. Lawful is white, neutral gray, chaotic black (or blue in !use_darkgray). Unaligned altars are red, "aligned altars" (Astral) are yellow.
  • Being slow will now block all forms of intrinsic and extrinsic speed while going on.
  • Item destruction is rarer: 50% if cursed, 25% if uncursed, 6.25% is blessed. Wands lose charges instead of being destroyed, unless it's emptied, or was already empty/cancelled.
  • Lamps, candles, whatever, now has their light radius depend on BUC.
  • The Wizard of Yendor can only use Double Trouble once per respawn
  • Nerfed disintegration. It will now disenchant gear until it no longer provides AC, then disintegrate it
  • Slow monster can be resisted 66% with free action, and 100% with blue dragon scale (mail). Quaffing blessed potions of speed will also make it go away.
  • The Amulet now gives slotless aggravate monster.
  • The spellbook of haste self is now the spellbook of speed monster. It works basically the same except that it can now be used on others.
  • Added "true" female monster names: gnome ladies, Elvenqueens, etc.
  • Pressing > or < when not at a stair will prompt for travelling to a > or < respectively without needing to invoke _ first
  • Make it possible to, if your outermost armor is greased or is an oilskin cloak (or has the oilskin property), squeeze through tight diagonal spaces with twice as much inventory as normal.
  • Add autounlock to automatically unlock doors upon walking onto them
  • Improve polearm usage
    • Applying a polearm will preselect an appropriate position
    • Using 'f'ire while wielding a polearm with an empty quiver will, if possible, use the polearm.
    • As with launchers, using 'f' with polearms this way works with autoswap
  • Give remembered item amount in a container. Similar to 3.6.0, but will not change if container content changes outside your watch.
  • You can now see when you last prayed / angered your god / etc, using Ctrl+x a
  • Candle radius now increases quadratically rather than with log7 (1 candle gives radius 2, 4 gives 3, 9 gives 4, 16 gives 5...)
  • The guranteed marker for Tourists is now 0:0.
  • Spellbook level now depends on weight: 30 for blank paper, 35 for level 1 books, 40 for level 2, 45 for level 3... in steps of 5.
  • Magic whistles will not recall pets on noteleport levels unless it's blessed
  • Fire/frost horns deal (XL)d6 damage. Prevents rare unfair deaths to someone finding one early
  • Resistances to fire/cold/shock/sleep/poison/acid can now be partial
    • Immunities are granted by extrinsics as well as trinsics you have from the getgo -- not ones you get over the course of the game (leveling up, corpses, crowning, potions of wonder or similar)
    • Otherwise, the resistance is partial. A partial resistance will generally halve the damage, with the exception of...
    • Fire immunity will shield you from lava.
    • Poison deals half damage when it does damage, and reduces attributes (including permanently) only a third of the time. Attribute loss is also reduced to a third.
    • Sleep resistance will only make you sleep for a third of the time, and taking any damage will wake you up.
    • Amulets of restful sleep now confer sleep resistance (but not sleep immunity).
    • Rings of resistance has been renamed to rings of immunity to reflect this change. For example, the ring of fire resistance is now the ring of fire immunity.
  • Message history includes turncount
  • Add msgfading option and change msgcolor
    • msgfading can be specified as fade (default, darkens colors), blank (blanks the message line completely) or don't change (don't change old messages in any way).
    • msgcolor can now be either full (default), gray (like previous disabled) and white (makes active messages white and old ones gray)
    • For those who want to mimic NAO unix tty windowport: set msgfading to blank, msgcolor to gray.

Monster spell lists

Generally, spellcasters, and sometimes higher-level nonspellcasters, get random spells added to their spell repertoire, weighted towards their spell skills. However, uniques, and certain other monsters, have fixed spell lists on generation. Those are as follows:


  • Dig (20% of the time)


  • Slow monster
  • Sleep

Barrow wights

  • Sleep


  • Force bolt (2/3 of the time)
  • Magic missile (if they didn't get force bolt)
  • Identify
  • Knock

Aligned priests

  • Healing
  • Identify
  • Confuse monster (3/4 of the time)
  • Slow monster (if they didn't get confuse monster)
  • Protection
  • Create monster
  • Remove curse
  • Create familiar
  • Turn undead

High priests

In addition to aligned priests, these also get a few arcane spells

  • Healing
  • Identify
  • Confuse monster (3/4 of the time)
  • Slow monster (if they didn't get confuse monster)
  • Protection
  • Create monster
  • Remove curse
  • Create familiar
  • Turn undead
  • Summon nasties
  • Haste self
  • Invisibility

High priests also include Grand Master and Arch Priest


  • Magic missile


  • Magic missile


  • Cone of cold


Orcus mostly have utility spells in couple with his other attacks, and can charge his wand of death

  • Drain life
  • Healing
  • Detect monsters
  • Slow monster
  • Charging
  • Create monster
  • Turn undead
  • Summon nasties


Mainly a spellcaster and have both offensive, defensive and utility spells

  • Force bolt
  • Drain life
  • Magic missile
  • Healing
  • Extra healing
  • Cure sickness
  • Stone to flesh
  • Sleep
  • Protection
  • Create monster
  • Jumping
  • Haste self
  • Invisibility
  • Teleport away
  • Phase
  • Dig
  • Cancellation
  • Polymorph


Primarly an attacker, but has a few spells to aid his attacks and to heal himself

  • Extra healing
  • Slow monster
  • Create monster
  • Haste self

Minion of Huhetotl

Primarly an attacker, but has buff spells and can incapacitate their foes with sleep

  • Healing
  • Sleep
  • Protection
  • Invisibility

Thoth Amon/Dark One

Both share the same list. Being primarly spellcasters, they have a wide list of spells

  • Force bolt
  • Magic missile
  • Fireball
  • Cone of cold
  • Healing
  • Detect monsters
  • Sleep
  • Slow monster
  • Protection
  • Turn undead
  • Summon nasties
  • Haste self
  • Invisibility
  • Cancellation

Chromatic Dragon

A dragon. Learned a few spells to improve its fighting speed and slowing their foes, and to heal

  • Healing
  • Slow monster
  • Haste self


  • Detect monsters
  • Protection
  • Summon nasties
  • Haste self

Master Kaen

Aside from being an excellent fighter, Kaen mastered spells to speed himself up, and to find and destroy those who tries to flee

  • Healing
  • Detect monsters
  • Slow monster
  • Haste self
  • Phase


  • Healing
  • Protection
  • Haste self
  • Phase

Wizard of Yendor

The Wizard of Yendor is, similarly to other general spellcasters, generated with a random list of spells. However, he has one guranteed spell.

  • Double Trouble