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I'm really better at coming up with ideas than actually coding or balancing them, so these are just theoretical. If anyone wants to try to implement these, feel free to do so!

NOTE: This permission does not apply to the SlashTHEM dev team unless the Elph class is permanently reinstated.


As you may or may not know, I'm fond of ferrets, so when I attempted and failed to make my own branch, I included them as pets, and added some other mustelids, to boot. They would all use r glyphs, and the glyph would be changed to "rodent or mustelid".

  • r Ferret kit, ferret, large ferret - Domestic, approximately equal to their cat counterparts strength-wise.
  • r Skunk - Would have a poisonous breath attack, which might create small stinking clouds, although that might be a SMOP (Credit for the stinking cloud idea goes to Cherokee Jack).
  • r Ermine - Would have some sort of cold-related property, either an attack or a corpse resistance, or possibly both.
  • r Otter - Amphibious, good at hunting sea monsters (Idea thanks to Cherokee Jack)
  • SLASH'EM's wolverines and giant badgers would be moved to this category, and regular badgers would also be added.

Also possibly mink and stoats, but I'm not sure what kind of properties they would have. Maybe mink corpses would have an above-average gold value, or mink would have a seduction attack as a shoutout to Minerva Mink?


Aquatic aliens from the Ecco the Dolphin series.

  • ; Vortex drone - Has four claw attacks, the last of which is a drowning attack.
  • ; Vortex warrior - Has two claw attacks, a teleporting hug attack, and can spit acid. Although it may be a SMOP, the hug could alternatively be a level teleport. If used in SLASH'EM Extended, the hug should be AD_ABDC.

New classes

User:Kahran042/YANI/Erdrick - A class based on Dragon Warrior/Quest protagonists, specifically intended for SLASH'EM.

DQ Slime

Based on the monster classes from various Dragon Warrior/Quest games, this class would start out on the level of some of Slash'EM Extended's "harder than hard" classes, but would become super-powerful at higher levels. I'm not sure of what powers, exactly, it would have, but one of them would probably be the ability to breathe fire, since that's a common ability among playable slime classes in DQ. Another level up ability I thought of is the ability to temporarily polymorph into a random h or @.


  • Globule (1-2)
  • Moist (3-5)
  • Wiggly (6-8)
  • Jiggly (9-13)
  • Slurry (14-17)
  • Slime Knight (18-21)
  • Slime Hero (22-25)
  • King Slime (26-29)
  • Slime God (30)

Deities (pantheon: Dragon Quest series)

  • Lawful: Master Dragon
  • Neutral: _Rubiss
  • Chaotic: Malroth

Race: Any

Alignment: Neutral or chaotic

Quest ideas

  • Leader: the Slime Emperor (b)
  • Guardians: globule (b)
  • Nemesis: legendary hero (@) - would have a couple of weapon attacks and clerical spellcasting
  • Artifact: The Slime Crown (helmet; not sure of its abilities, but would probably have some sort of power against player monsters and could be invoked for some sort of effect similar to actual DQ Slimes' ability to merge into a King Slime)

The death message for DQ Slime PCs would be "(monster) hast done well in defeating you."

Again, all of this is really just a framework. I have no ideas about balance or coding, so I don't have anything too concrete numbers-wise here.


A high-difficulty class that starts out with literally no equipment, but is capable of reaching expert or grand master in all skills.

Burst Linker

Based on the light novel series and anime Accel World, I have more stuff for this than the Wanderer, but less than the Dragon Quarrior-themed classes - basically, just some quest stuff.

  • Quest leader: Kuroyukihime
  • Quest nemesis: Dusk Taker (would have the gremlin's ability theft ability, but I'm not sure of any other powers)
  • Quest artifact: ?
  • Quest home: ?
  • Quest locate: Accel World
  • Quest end: The field with no limits

Patch update ideas

For the Grudge patch:

  • Cats vs. rats.
  • Dogs vs. monkeys.
  • Gnomes vs. kobolds.
  • Otters (see above) vs. sea monsters. (loosely based on Cherokee Jack's suggestion)

Signature spells for a possible SLASH'EM update of the Monster Spells patch:

Hallucinatory monsters

Although I designed these to be hallucinatory, if you have a way of implementing them as actual monsters and want to do so, feel free.

# prefix codes:
# dash          -  female, personal name
# underscore    _  female, general name
# plus          +  male, personal name
# vertical bar  |  male, general name
# equals        =  gender not specified, personal name

_bearded clam
giant no-see-um
|one-eyed purple snake
red dot
|six foot man eating chicken
teal deer


#A Series of Unfortunate Events
Incredibly Deadly Viper
Lachrymose Leech
Medusoid Mycellium
snow gnat
=The Great Unknown

#Ace Attorney
|Bad Badger
|Blue Badger
_Pink Badger
|Proto Badger

Ancient Chaos Wyrm
Ancient Stone Beast
battle bunny
|ElDeR cHaOs GoD
Snake from Beyond


#Aqua Teen Hunger Force

#Avatar: The Last Airbender
badger mole
flying bison
komodo rhino
winged lemur

#Azumanga Daioh

#Battlefield Earth

#Beath of Flams

#Calvin and Hobbes
snow goon

#Chrono Trigger

_kind andango
|mischievous yakidango

#Cross Ange
Brig-class DRAGON
Frigate-class DRAGON
Galleon-class DRAGON
Schooner-class DRAGON

#Dear Evan Hansen
+Connor Murphy's ghost

#Descendants of Darkness

|Mr. Saturn

#Fallen London
Rattus Faber
Starveling Cat

#Five Nights at Freddy's
+Balloon Boy
+Freddy Fazbear
+The Puppet
+Toy Freddy
+Toy Bonnie
-Toy Chica

#Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

#Fraggle Rock
poison cackler
thimble beetle

horrible gelatinous blob

+King Jellyjam
|Masked Mutant
+Slappy the Dummy

#Grabbed by the Ghoulies
haunted television
vampire chicken

#Gravity Falls
+Bill Cipher
+Rumble McSkirmish
|Summerween Trickster

yellow-spotted lizard

#Home Movies

#Katamari Damacy
|King of All Cosmos

#King of the Hill

#Lunar: Silver Star Story
mauve dragon
teal dragon

#Magic Knight Rayearth

#Magic: The Gathering

#Maradonia Saga
poison glitter tree

#Might and Magic
gray minotaur
+Paul Pead
werephase mummy

#Might and Magic II
+Baron Wilfrey
+Bozorc the Orc
+Brutal Bruno
Cron man trap
death in a box
Mega Dragon
+Spaz Twit
+The Long One

#Might and Magic III
kudo crab
oh no bug

#Might and Magic IV
|Lord Xeen
=Xeen's pet

#Might and Magic V
magic mage

#Mother 3
eerie smile
Ultimate Chimera

#My Little Pony
fruit bat


#Odyssey: The Legend of Nemesis
Green Flesh-Thresher
Monster from the Id
Slime Maul
Three Mile Beastie

astral fuzzy
automatum major
radeligian cateagle

#Phineas and Ferb
|giant floating baby head

|Mr. Friend

#Sailor Moon
_mirror paredri

#Secret of Mana

+Whiteface Charcoalpants

+Ruby-Eye Shabranigdo

#Sorcerous Stabber Orphen
-Bloody August

#Spongebob Squarepants
Alaskan bull worm
flying ice cream truck

#Star Control
Arilou Lalee'lay

Arcturian balloon creature

#Sunless Sea
Pentecost Ape

#Sword Art Online
+Illfang the Kobold Lord
Ragout Rabbit
Ruin Kobold Sentinel
+The Gleam Eyes
=The Skull Reaper
=X'rphan the White Wyrm

#The Far Side
Guatemalan cow of paradise
Tyrannosaurus Mex

#The Fool's Errand
wif dove

#The Ren and Stimpy Show
asthma hound chihuahua

#The Simpsons
northern reticulated chipmunk

#The Vision of Escaflowne

#Tiny Toon Adventures
three-headed duck-billed rabbit

#Tom Goes to the Mayor
barrel goat
oil turtle

|annoying dog

#Wing Commander

creeping crud
entelechy fuff
+Murphy's ghost

#You Have To Burn the Rope
Grinning Colossus

Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Red-Eyes Black Dragon
Summoned Skull

#Realistic elementals
hydrogen elemental
helium elemental
lithium elemental
beryllium elemental
boron elemental
carbon elemental
nitrogen elemental
oxygen elemental
fluorine elemental
neon elemental
sodium elemental
magnesium elemental
aluminum elemental
silicon elemental
phosphorus elemental
sulfur elemental
chlorine elemental
argon elemental
potassium elemental
calcium elemental
scandium elemental
titanium elemental
vanadium elemental
chromium elemental
manganese elemental
iron elemental
cobalt elemental
nickel elemental
copper elemental
zinc elemental
gallium elemental
germanium elemental
arsenic elemental
selenium elemental
bromine elemental
krypton elemental
rubidium elemental
strontium elemental
yttrium elemental
zirconium elemental
niobium elemental
molybdenum elemental
technetium elemental
ruthenium elemental
rhodium elemental
palladium elemental
silver elemental
cadmium elemental
indium elemental
tin elemental
antimony elemental
tellurium elemental
iodine elemental
xenon elemental
cesium elemental
barium elemental
tungsten elemental
osmium elemental
iridium elemental
platinum elemental
gold elemental
mercury elemental
thallium elemental
lead elemental
bismuth elemental
astatine elemental
radon elemental
radium elemental
uranium elemental
plutonium elemental

New rumors


.senutrof gnidaer naht erom rof desu eb nac srorriM
A knight knows armor.
Purple is a powerful color.
They say that it's possible to live forever in the dungeon without dying.


A sage knows scrolls.
A wizard knows wands.
An obvious lesbian will bring great news, and a grand piano will fall on you.
If you forgive Deneb, you can't get the best ending.
J. S. has checked in and requested tea with sugar. My brother sends his regards.
Krakens have a 1/128 chance of dropping the Gutsy Bat.
Roni is life.
The 40th level is death.
To get the Grail, you have to defeat Luvalon without using tarot cards or running away.

New T-shirt messages

I <3 Humanity /* No Game No Life */
Adults Suck, Then You Are One /* The Simpsons */
Legalize Everything /* South Park */
On a scale of 1 to 10, what is your favorite color of the alphabet?
Sarcastic Comment Loading - Please Wait
Sperm Dumpster /* Family Guy */

New engravings

Bank of RA - Gold Deposit /* Scarab of Ra */
ERAU QSSI DRLO WEHT /* Final Fantasy VI */
Gary was here! Ash is a loser! /* Pokemon */
Jesus was here 2/15/51 B.C. /* Family Guy */
The moon rules - #1 /* Aqua Teen Hunger Force */
The Mother of Miss Gypsy Rose Lee is Not Allowed Backstage /* Gypsy */
The shiny farhead is the pruf of justis! Stop the njections, yew quack. /* Xenogears */
The words of the prophets are written on the subway walls and tenement halls /* Simon and Garfunkel */

New gravestone inscriptions

Casper the Friendly Boy
Here lies Mallory Pike. She had a mean serve. /* The Baby-Sitters Club */
I didn't lose! I was semi-victorious! /* Azumanga Daioh */
I iz ded. Ded kittehs dont need bafs. /* Lolcats */
IT'S A GUNDAM! /* Gundam Wing */
Paul Eulmeyer, 1907-2000. With atomic terror, he brought us peace. /* Mission Hill */
Vanilla NetHack, 1987-1999
You asked me if it would kill me to be civil...well, now you know.

New spam

Do you want to start? Take the 5:45 Shibuya bound train from Jiyuugaoka Station /* Digimon Frontier */
To the one who holds the book. Skeith is looking for me. There is no time. Please, help me. /* .hack */

New vampire quotes

"What is a man? A miserable little pile of secrets!" /* Castlevania: Symphony of the Night */
"I am beloved by the night — you will taste my powers!" /* Castlevania: Lament of Innocence */
"Come to me, child; I haven't danced in ages!" /* Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia */
"All living things are born to die. No one can defeat me!!" /* Final Fantasy */
"Please get out of the way. Or would you like to die?" /* Suikoden */
"All the noise you're making disturbed my sleep. You'll have to make up for that." /* Suikoden II */

New hallucinatory colors

burnt hombre
gan green
infra dead
liver purple
loathsome lilac
matter yellow
ultra violent

New shopkeeper names

Taken from various JRPGs.

/* Alundra */
Naomi, Lurvy, Merrick

/* Azure Dreams */
Fur, Okami

/* Brave Fencer Musashi */
Hilda, Jam, Kurt, Conners

/* Breath of Fire series */
Gobi, Baretta, Leminton, Hekkeler, Karashinikofu, Daiye, Sekine, Marlok, Fu Chuman, Leo, Arma 

/* Castlevania series */
Rinaldo, Jacob, Vincent

/* Chrono series */
Fritz, Lisa, Zappa

/* Dragon Warrior/Quest series */
Taloon, Boga, Doga

/* Final Fantasy series */
Butch, Stiltzkin, O'aka, Rin, Wantz

/* Jade Cocoon */
Yajako, Karlot, Kupid, Mu

/* Legend of Legaia */
Lezam, Corey, Woody, Zalan, Ashif

/* Lufia series */
Tia, Jaffy

/* Lunar series */

/* Mana series */
Niccolo, Moti

/* Mother series */
Hassan, Thomas, Fassad

/* Ogre Battle series */
Toad, Deneb

/* Panzer Dragoon Saga */
Baicah, Jared

/* SaGa series */
Echigoya, Fullbright, PzkwV, Gozarus

/* Suikoden series */
Chandler, Chapman, Jabba, Alex, Hans, Lebrante, Gordon

/* Wild ARMs series */
Roykman, Travis, Marivel

/* Xeno series */
Maison, Hammer

Hallucinatory currency

Mostly from JRPGs.

bits /* My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic */
cole /* Atelier */
double dollars /* Trigun */
dragon power /* Mother 3 */
dran /* Brave Fencer Musashi */
dynes /* Panzer Dragoon Saga */
echoes /* Fallen London */
elm /* Growlanser */
filari /* Ultima VII: Serpent Isle */
fol /* Star Ocean */
gald /* Tales of... */
gella /* Wild ARMs */
gil /* Final Fantasy */
goth /* Ogre Battle */
guilders /* Ultima VII: Serpent Isle */
hamdollars /* catsuggest */
hell /* Disgaea */
lucre /* World of Mana */
macca /* Shin Megami Tensei */
meseta /* Phantasy Star */
monetari /* Ultima VII: Serpent Isle */
munny /* Kingdom Hearts */
nuyen /* Shadowrun */
potch /* Suikoden */
yan /* Jade Cocoon */
zenny /* Breath of Fire */


  • Some new monsters for real zoos, based on historical royal menageries:
    • d hyena - already exists in SLASH'EM Extended
    • f lion
    • f lioness - I see this as being a separate monster due to the amount of sexual dimorphism in lions.
    • f cheetah
    • f lynx - already exists in SLASH'EM, but could be moved to the list of eligible monsters for real zoos
    • q giraffe
    • q polar bear
    • q camel
    • r porcupine - would have some sort of passive attack with its spines
  • As a side note to the above, the zoo in the Yeoman quest home level should be replaced with a real zoo.
  • Some new monsters from Dragon Warrior/Quest:
    • b Slime
    • b Slimebeth
    • b Metal Slime
    • b Heal Slime (technically, should be Healer, but I'm using the Japanese name to avoid confusion with the character class)
    • b Cure Slime (should be Curer, but I'm using the Japanese name for consistency with its lower form.)
    • r Prank Gopher
    • r Lethal Gopher
    • B Drakee
    • B Magidrakee
    • B Drakeema
    • D Dragon (should be Green Dragon, but there's already a monster by that name, so I'm using the Japanese name.)
    • D Kith Dragon (see Dragon, but replace Green with Blue.)
    • D Darth Dragon (see Kith Dragon, but replace Blue with Red.)
    • P Babble
    • P Metal Babble
    • ' Bomb Crag (self-destructs for physical damage, using the "muddy explosion" graphics - their self-destruct ability in-game was a multi-target instant-death spell, but that's a bit unfair even by NetHack standards)
    • @ King Lorik - Erdrick quest leader
    • D Dragonlord - Erdrick quest nemesis
    • @ royal guard - Erdrick quest guardian
  • Some of the woodchuck variants from Beath of Flams:
    • r pyrochuck - breathes fire
    • r sasquachuck - breathes ice and has a hug attack
    • r geochuck - high defense, if used in SLASH'EM, would have the "needs +1 weapon to hit" property
    • r osteochuck - undead, has the catoblepas's death gaze
    • r pegachuck - flies
    • r arborachuck - high agility, magic missile breath[1]
    • r merchuck - amphibious
    • r gorgon woodchuck - petrifying gaze
    • r chucktaur - uses weapons
    • r robochuck - damaging (electric?) gaze, very high defense, if used in SLASH'EM, would have the "needs +2 weapon to hit" property
    • r kaiserchuck - M2_PRINCE, uses weapons and has a humanoid body, but is otherwise weaker than a normal woodchuck
  • Some creatures from Japanese mythology and folklore:
    • h kappa - amphibious humanoid, can be tamed with cucumbers
    • n yuki-onna - literally "snow woman", would have typical nymph abilities, as well as Asmodeus' ice magic
    • w tsuchinoko - ultra-rare, possible even nogen
    • ' kasa-obake - "umbrella goblin", mostly harmless
  • Other new monsters:
  • Some new items:
    • ) kukri (appearance: Gurkha knife) - a stronger dagger, largely because, as TV Tropes puts it, Kukris Are Kool.
    • % cucumber - moderate nutrition, can be used to tame kappa. Maybe cucumbers on the ground could have a scare monster effect on domestic cats?
    • *, *, *, or * tourmaline stone (appearance: red/green/violet/pink gem) - low-value gem
    • *, *, or * spinel (appearance: red/violet/pink gem) - moderately valuable gem
    • * or * rhodochrosite stone (appearance: red/pink gem) - low-value gem
    • * or * iolite stone (appearance: blue/violet gem) - moderately valuable gem
    • * malachite stone (appearance: green gem) - moderately valuable gem
    • * lapis lazuli (appearance: blue gem) - moderately valuable gem
    • * kunzite stone (appearance: pink gem) - moderately valuable gem
    • * rose quartz stone (appearance: pink gem) - moderately valuable gem
    • * morganite stone (appearance: pink gem) - high-value gem
    • * worthless piece of pink glass (appearance: pink gem)
    • ) CrySpear (appearance: crystalline spear) - artifact, made of mineral, uses spear skill, increases healing rate when wielded[2]
    • / wand of stone to flesh (appearance: randomized, default is "serpentine wand" which is made of mineral) - because why should literate people have all the fun?
  • Based on personal observations, cats should get nutrition from drinking out of toilets. They should also get some sort of benefit, or at least a YAFM, from #sit-ting in sinks.
  • New Japanese item names:
  • A possible encyclopedia entry for SLASH'EM's mongbats: Resembling a monkey as much as a bat, these winged anomalies are swift and powerful in their attacks. Though seldom encountered except in the deepest dungeons, encountering one in the dim subterranean light can unnerve even the stoutest among you. [ Ultima VI Compendium, by Greg Malone ]
  • An addition to the encyclopedia entry for cats: “The thing about cats,” Leonardo said, working along until the paper was covered, “is the way they’re made. Those muscles in the back legs. Can you imagine how strong they must be? That's why cats can jump so high. And the back, it can move almost any way, like a sword blade. “Everything is in balance,” Leonardo went on, “all the muscles and bones and joints. That’s what I want in the painting, too.” [ Time Cat, by Lloyd Alexander ]
  • Hallucinatory breath weapons:
    • A gleaming, icy gust of wind
    • Broken glass
    • Butterflies
    • Chaos
    • Cotton candy
    • Dark matter
    • Flowers
    • Gelatin
    • Gravity
    • Holy light
    • Hornets
    • Inertia
    • Laser beams
    • Magma
    • Meteors
    • Mold spores
    • Nether
    • Nexus
    • Oil
    • Plasma
    • Prismatic light
    • Salt
    • Sand
    • Scorching gas
    • Soap bubbles
    • Steam
    • Toxic waste
    • Water
    • Wind
  • Since Pelias is a wizard in the original Conan stories, and is described as a "second rate sorcerer" by Thoth Amon, he should have spellcasting abilities.
  • Hallucinating Valkyries and Ice Mages should "pine for the fjords" instead of yearning for their homelands.
  • If you're wondering, this is because it's the same attack type used by leafeon in Slash'EM Extended
  • In the source material, the regeneration effect only worked in the underworld, so maybe this could only work in areas with a ceiling in-game...might be a SMOP, though.