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In NetHack, a miscellaneous item may be created as part of a monster's inventory when the monster is generated.


Monsters may be generated with a miscellaneous item if that monster's level equals or exceeds the roll of a d100.[1]

The following monster types are ineligible for miscellaneous items:

In addition, regular soldiers have a 12/13 chance of missing out on the miscellaneous item roll.[2]

If the monster difficulty is 5 or less, it has a 130 chance of receiving a polymorph item, which will be a wand of polymorph 16th of the time, or else a potion of polymorph. Otherwise, if the monster is living (e.g excluding undead, golems, and vortices among others), it has a 140 chance of receiving an amulet of life saving.

Otherwise, the monster gets an item from one of these sets, with each set equally likely:

Guards will not use speed-boosting items, and according to the code are not meant to receive them - however, mtmp->isgd is only set after makemon() is called, thus making it possible for them to generate with one. In practice, this only means that you will occasionally find a potion of speed or wand of speed monster in a deceased guard's inventory.[3] [4]


Intelligent monsters with hands will use miscellaneous items when they are within 6 tiles Euclidean distance of you, with some exceptions:[5][6]

  • Guards, shopkeepers, and priests will not quaff a cursed potion of gain level.
  • Peaceful, non-invisible monsters will not use a wand of make invisible or potion of invisibility, unless you can see invisible.
  • Guards will not use a potion of speed or wand of speed monster.

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