Spider silk (material)

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Spider silk is a material that appears in some variants of NetHack.


In dNetHack, notdNetHack and notnotdNetHack, the artifact Spidersilk is made of cloth flavored as 'spidersilk'.


In EvilHack, spider silk acts as the base object material for drow light armor.

Spider silk is an organic material that has half significantly less density than cloth and leather, while being much more durable than either material: spider silk items weigh half as much as the same item made of cloth, and 13 as much as the same item made of leather. Spider silk armor provides 1 more point of base AC compared to leather armor of the same type, and 2 more compared to cloth armor of the same type. In return, spider silk is much more expensive than either cloth or leather, with six times the base price of leather and 10 times that of cloth.

Spider silk is subject to burning and rotting, and can be made fireproof: for armor, this is done by reading a scroll of enchant armor while confused and wearing the armor, while for other items this is done by reading a scroll of enchant weapon while confused and wielding the object.

Items that have a base material of cloth or leather have a 11000 chance of generating as made of spider silk. The following items will always have a base object material of spider silk: