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A spotted jelly, j, is a type of monster that appears in NetHack. Like most jellies, it is eyeless, amorphous, and sessile.

A spotted jelly has a passive attack that triggers if attacked directly in melee, and deals acid damage dependent on the attacker's level, with a separate 130 chance of corroding worn armor and a 16 chance of corroding the weapons and/or armor used in the attack.[1][2][3][4] Spotted jellies possess acid resistance and stoning resistance.

A spotted jelly is acidic to eat, but eating a spotted jelly corpse or tin can cure stoning.


Randomly generated spotted jellies are always created hostile.

Spotted jellies appear among the j that make up the second quest monster class for Knights, and makes up 6175 of the monsters that are randomly generated on the Knight quest.


While very damaging when attacked in melee, spotted jellies are sessile, so acid resistance is rarely needed for most characters: they can be easily killed with wands, spells, disposable missiles, or any other ranged attack such as an aklys, lance or any polearm - the jelly will corrode vulnerable weapons even if attacked at a distance, so be careful with metallic weapons. The ochre jelly is generally more dangerous, since it can move (albeit slowly) and engulf you.

Spotted jellies can be nasty obstacles for pets and polyforms with multiple attacks - pets should be kept out of range if at all possible, especially if a magic whistle or similar item is available. Mind flayer pets in particular are especially vulnerable to passives like that of the spotted jelly, and a character keeping one may consider an alchemy smock, yellow dragon scales, or yellow dragon scale mail for them.

Spotted jellies are notable as a stoning cure for vegan and vegetarian characters, and may be worth using a blessed tinning kit on for this purpose - a blessed tin can still take an action to open, so those opting to use them should have them ready to open as soon as possible.


The spotted jelly first appears in NetHack 3.0.0.



In EvilHack, spotted jellies are vulnerable to fire. This also applies to Hack'EM.

Encyclopedia entry

See the encyclopedia entry for blue jelly.


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