Fire helmet

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[   fire helmet  
Appearance random
Slot helm
AC 1
Special fire resistance
Base price 50 zm
Weight 50
Material iron

The fire helmet is a type of helm that appears in Slash'EM Extended and SlashTHEM. It is based off an early item with a similar description in SLASH 6.

Its unidentified appearance is randomized in both games; in SlashTHEM, its default appearance is a red shiny helmet, while in Slash'EM Extended its default is a "red helmet".

Common traits

The fire helmet provides 1 AC and fire resistance while worn, and is made of iron.


In SlashTHEM, all Firefighters start with a fire helmet; their quest artifact, the Fire Chief Helmet, is an artifact fire helmet.

The helm is not considered a magical item.


For SlashTHEM Firefighters, who start the game with intrinsic fire resistance, their starting fire helmet is effectively a heavier orcish helm; as such, it will at least suffice for protection from falling rocks and piercers until they find a better helm, such as a dwarvish iron helm from the Mines or the Fire Chief Helmet, whose extrinsics more than compensate for the base item.

Roles without intrinsic fire resistance will likely want this as a temporary source, usually to tide them over until they can obtain it from another source (e.g. killing fire ants and eating their corpses). Players attempting both foodless and crownless conducts might want to hold on to any fire helmets they find if there are no other sources of fire resistance; otherwise, once you have the property you can replace it at your leisure, usually with a helm of brilliance or helm of telepathy.

Humanoid pets will appreciate the fire helmet's fire resistance, and few other items (such as the cornuthaum and zipper boots) can provide any beneficial extra effects for pets.


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