Fire helmet

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[   fire helmet  
Appearance random
Slot helm
AC 1
Special fire resistance
Base price 50 zm
Weight 50
Material iron

A fire helmet is a type of helm that appears in SlashTHEM. It has a randomized appearance and is made of iron.

The fire helmet is the base item for the Fire Chief Helmet, the Firefighter quest artifact.


Firefighters start each game with a +0 fire helmet.[1]

In addition to random generation, general shops and used armor dealershops can sell fire helmets.


When worn, a fire helmet provides 1 AC and fire resistance.


The fire helmet is one of two sources of fire resistance for a starting Firefighter, and offers protection from falling rock traps and piercers. Even after they find a better helm (such as a dwarvish iron helm from the Mines), the fire helmet is worth keeping in inventory for the resistance until they reach experience level 15 and/or obtain the Fire Chief Helmet. Other roles without intrinsic fire resistance will likely want this as a temporary source to tide them over until they can obtain it from a corpse, ring or other source. While intrinsic fire resistance is enough to justify removing the helm, it can still be lost to gremlins or one of the adverse effects of sitting on a throne.

Non-troll characters attempting both foodless and crownless conducts might want to hold on to any fire helmets for the property if they are unable to identify the ring - once they have the property, they can replace it with a helm of brilliance, helm of telepathy or other helm at their leisure.

Humanoid pets have very few items they can use that can provide resistances or MC (e.g. cornuthaum and zipper boots), and will appreciate being given a spare fire helmet.


The fire helmet is derived from a similar item that appears in SLASH 6; mentions of the item can be found in the source code of SLASH'EM.[2][3]


Firefighters have worn helmets for centuries to protect them from heat, cinders and falling objects. Their material composition has evolved over the years, from traditional leather to metals (including brass, nickel and aluminum), and then to composite helmets constructed of lightweight polymers and other plastics - all the while, their distinctive shape has changed very little.


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