Fire helmet

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[   fire helmet  
Appearance red shiny helmet
Slot helm
AC 1
Special fire resistance
Base price 50 zm
Weight 50
Material iron

A fire helmet is a type of helm that appears in Slash'EM Extended and SLASHTHEM.

In both variants the helm is made of iron and provides fire resistance while worn. The main difference is that the SLASHTHEM helm always has the unidentified appearance "red shiny helmet", while the Slash'EM Extended helm has a randomized appearance (with default "red helmet"). SLASHTHEM fire helmet is also not considered magical.

In SLASHTHEM the helm is part of the starting inventory of the Firefighter role.

An early item with this description appears in SLASH 6.


The SLASHTHEM Firefighter's starting fire helmet is probably not worth keeping for the entire game, as it has a base AC of just 1 and the extrinsic it confers isn't even necessary to Firefighters, who already have intrinsic fire resistance. Other roles who do not have innate fire resistance probably won't need it either, since the intrinsic is easy to obtain by eating corpses or getting crowned. Players attempting a foodless, crownless run might want to hold on to any fire helmets they find, if they have not found any other sources of fire resistance, but most of the time they will probably want to wear a helm of brilliance or helm of telepathy instead, if they can find one of those.

As a hard hat, though, the helmet offers good protection from falling rocks and piercers, so Firefighters may want to hold on to it until they find a better choice of helms, like a dwarvish iron helm from the Mines.

This helmet can be useful for equipping humanoid pets, since many of them don't have fire resistance, and not many other helmets have any extra effects for pets (cornuthaum does give MC2, but it is superseded by zipper boots which grant MC3 and can be worn by most monsters without any side-effects).

The extrinsics provided by the SLASHTHEM Firefighter quest artifact, the Fire Chief Helmet, possibly compensate for the weakness of its base item.


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