Potion of gain energy

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! Pink potion.png
Name gain energy
Appearance random
Base price 150 zm
Weight 20
Monster use Will not be used by monsters.

Potions of gain energy are largely useful for spellcasters and alchemy.

A blessed potion will increase maximum energy by 3d6, an uncursed potion will increase maximum energy by 2d6, and a cursed potion will decrease maximum energy by 1d6. Your current energy is then increased or decreased by three times the change, which is capped at your maximum energy (or 0 for a cursed potion).

The message given is "Magical energies course through your body." for uncursed or blessed potions, and "You feel lackluster." for cursed potions. All potions of gain energy exercise wisdom when quaffed.


For alchemy, mixing a potion of gain energy and a healing/extra healing/full healing will "upgrade" them to an uncursed and diluted potion of extra healing, full healing, or gain ability, respectively. If you dip a potion of confusion into gain energy, you will get a potion of enlightenment (1/3 chance) or booze (2/3 chance).


NetHack 3.4.3 used a different formula for this potion. Variants based on that may use the old formula if not explicitly altered.

  • A blessed potion will increase current and maximum energy by from 7 to 11. ("Magical energies course through your body.")
  • An uncursed will have the same results with a range of 2 to 6. ("Magical energies course through your body.")
  • A cursed potion will decrease your current and maximum power 2 to 6 points. ("You feel lackluster.")


SLASH'EM changes the potion effects. Your current energy is increased (decreased if cursed) by 9 + 1d25, plus an additional 5 points if the potion is blessed. Your maximum energy is increased (decreased if cursed) by 1d2, plus an additional 2 points if the potion is blessed. If this would put your current energy above your maximum energy, your maximum energy is increased by half the difference between your current energy and your maximum energy, and your current energy is set to this new maximum.

The potion can therefore restore more power than the vanilla equivalent, but for the best permanent increase to maximum power it should be drunk while your power is already at max.