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Hardfought is a NetHack community with its own servers, similar to NAO. Hardfought currently hosts three servers - United States (east coast, same locale as NAO server), London, UK and Sydney, AU and currently has the most diverse set of NetHack variants of any public server. Notably, all variants in the Junethack tournament are represented there, save one (DNHSlex).

Hardfought has its own IRC channel on Libera, #hardfought. This is also linked with the #nethack-hardfought channel on the roguelikes Discord. The Beholder bot announces important events, deaths, and ascensions, and Pinobot can be used to find information on enemies across NetHack variants.

Like NAO, Hardfought has a config file editor on its website that allows you to copy and paste config files.

Variants hosted

How to play on Hardfought

To play on Hardfought, ssh to the server closest to your location. You can also play in your browser using one of the web client links below.

A note on connecting - as of Oct 12th 2018, you can connect to all Hardfought servers via IPv6 (ssh, https).