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The hezrou, &, is a demon in NetHack. They are slow, but can hit fairly hard.

Hezrou are large and incapable of wearing any body armor; however, they can put on helms, boots and gloves.

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Hezrous now leave poison clouds as they move.


Hezrou are normally only generated in Gehennom, but are also valid polymorph forms, e.g. from a polymorph trap; this makes it a potential nasty surprise for players.

Like any major demon outside of the balrog and foocubus, the hezrou can summon other demons when attacking, and is eligible for gating; polymorphing into a hezrou and attacking a monster with bare or gloved hands grants a 113 chance per hit landed to summon other tame demons. ("Some hell-p has arrived!")


Hezrou are not particularly threatening by the time they are generated, due to their slow speed and relatively paltry damage; however, a monster polymorphed into a hezrou by a trap fairly early in the dungeon can be a deadly threat. Unlike other demons, however, the hezrou's lack of speed makes it easier for you to avoid, and it shares the usual demonic weaknesses to cold and silver.

If you find yourself polymorphed into a hezrou as the result of a trap, destroying your body armor, gating in some pet hezrou can serve as a means of defense until you find replacement armor.

Encyclopedia entry

"Hezrou" is the common name for the type II demon. It is among the weaker of demons, but still quite formidable, mostly due to the stench.

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