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The kobolt (sub-species of kobold) is a playable race specific to Slash'EM Extended that start with stacks of daggers, spears and darts in their inventory, in addition to whatever equipment their role usually gets. They can be any role and alignment. A kobolt will learn the tinker technique at XL 10, and they start with poison resistance and an uncurable restful sleep intrinsic. There is no way for a kobolt to acquire any form of sleep resistance.

Their maximum stats are as follows:

Strength Dexterity Constitution Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Kobolt 25 25 25 25 25 25


At turn 6, the kobolt will fall asleep for the first time. If there is a dangerous monster in the first room (a rabbit or fox, for example), the player should either kill it quickly, or if that's not possible, be as far away from it as they can to avoid being mauled while asleep. After that, the kobolt will fall asleep again every once in a while, and items of sleep resistance or free action don't help, so the player should be extra careful around dangerous monsters like Demogorgon or Juiblex. Having a strong pet that will attack monsters while the player character is asleep can be very helpful. The tinker technique may be used to create better equipment, and poison resistance means the player doesn't need to fear instakill by killer bees or strength loss by eating their corpses, for example.

Randomly spawned kobolds will be peaceful, but those on Kroo the Kobold King's level are not. Eating them doesn't net any penalty though.

The starting daggers and spears may be used as a melee weapon if the player's role doesn't usually start with a useful one, and the stack of darts may be useful if the player's role doesn't usually start with a ranged weapon. This might be especially beneficial for the convict and other roles that don't have a lot of weapons in their starting inventory.