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A lithivore is any creature that subsists on a diet of stone; sometimes players will polymorph themselves into lithivores so that they can gain intrinsics from eating jewelry. The lithivore monster attribute exists only in Slash'EM Extended version v35 or higher.

Lithivores can eat any items made of glass, mineral, bone or gemstone. This includes all gems, rocks and gray stones, but also all potions, crysknives, certain rings and assorted other items.

The following monsters are considered lithivorous:

The Rocker role is also lithivorous.

The presence of a YAFM in the vanilla source code for eating a flint stone—"Yabba-dabba delicious!"—suggests that the DevTeam may have considered including the ability to eat stone, but never implemented it, making this a deferred feature.


The player may polymorph into a lithivore and eat away an annoying loadstone that was slowing them down. Eating a potion is similar to quaffing, e.g. eating a potion of paralysis will paralyze the player for a few turns.

Lithic objects are considered a treat to pet lithivores, making them fairly easy to keep fed because rocks are plentiful and can be created by tunneling or digging monsters; a single rock provides 250 points of nutrition for a lithivore pet. Smashing a statue will also generate a large pile of rocks. Note however that some valuable tools, like unicorn horns, figurines and crystal balls, are made of lithic material and can disappear if a lithivore monster gets them.


You hear a grating sound.
A monster is eating stone somewhere on this level.

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