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The Quest portal is the ^ trap that warps you between the main Dungeons of Doom and the Quest. On a certain level of the dungeon below the branch to Sokoban, you will receive a request for help from your Quest leader. You must search for it; you could walk on every square of every room, or you might see a monster (even your own pet) stumble into it.

The quest portal will appear above the Castle, between dungeon levels 11 and 16, and 6 or 7 levels below the Oracle. The quest portal will not generate in a vault, in a room with either the upstairs or downstairs, and on a floor that also has a portal to Fort Ludios. In some games, the quest portal will actually be upon the Rogue level.

Because the portal is a trap, a confused scroll of gold detection will reveal its location. A wand of secret door detection or detect unseen spell will also reveal nearby traps, including the portal.

If you attack the quest leader, have converted your alignment, or fail the alignment test more than seven times, the portal will disappear permanently, which can render the game unwinnable. See Quest leader.

== SLASH'EM ==; For those playing SLASH'EM, there are three additional quest portals; these go to the Lawful Quest, Neutral Quest and Chaotic Quest. There is no special message for these three portals. You must search for them, but know that no two of the four portals can be in the same level. Search from dungeon levels 15 to 20.

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