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This is where I put my various YANIs, mostly for UnNetHack as vanilla is no longer developed.

New items

  • Poisonous cloak

Inspired by the item of the same name in SLASH'EM with some minor differents.

Upon wearing the cloak, if you lack poison resistance, the cloak identify itself and delivers a poisoned attack (note that in UnNetHack poison does not cause instadeath, possible effects include HP reduction, max HP reduction, attributes reduction) and cause d3 (normal) damage each turn you wear it. If you wear it for at least 10 consecutive turns you gain poison resistance and the cloak become harmless "The poison on the cloak doesn't seem to affect you anymore.". If you have poison resistance the cloak has no effect, but gives the message "This cloak feels a little itchy." upon wearing. This does not identify the cloak. This cloak provides MC 3 but no base AC.

Poisonous cloak is a way to gain poison resistance with some trade-offs, provided that you have enough HP to survived the cloak's effect. You can nullify these trade-offs with a ring of sustain ability, potions of gain ability, potions of healing or other attribute-enhancing items. The cloak can also be a substitute source of magic cancellation until you can find a cloak of magic resistance.

New monsters

  • Hydra

True to its' source mythos, the hydra will grow more heads and become stronger when being attacked by bladed weapons, a blunt weapon or other kinds of attack (wands, ranged weapons) are required to kill it.

Troll as a playable race

This idea suggests the troll as a playable race to the game. Trolls will start the game with good AC (0 AC?), excellent STR and CON but poor DEX, WIS and INT. They will start with no body armor and unable to wear shirts, armor suits or cloaks, they can still wear helmets, gloves or boots however. In other words the troll is a semi-nudist conduct follower, no armor suit means no dragon scale mail, so while trolls will have an easy early-game, they will have trouble in the late-game compare to other races, this means troll will also rely more on protection AC to make up for the lack of armor.

Another unique mechanic for the troll I'm suggesting is that upon death, troll have a chance to revive themselves - this make the Amulet of life saving less important, create room for other amulets such as reflection or ESP. Obviously this requires a lot of thoughts and careful balancing to prevent it from becoming OP or UP. I propose that troll have a 65% chance to revive upon death, if within 1000 turn the troll dies again, this chance will be lowered to 45%, 25% and eventually certain death. After the revive time-out the chance will increase to it previous value (from 25% to 45% to 65%).

Other properties for the troll race include generation and infravision, and maybe poison resistance. Suggested roles: Barbarian, Cave(wo)man, Rogue and Ranger. Alignments: Chaotic and Neutral

I hope the semi-nudist conduct and revivification will make a troll unique enough as a race, with easy early-game and challenging late-game, new strategic mechanisms and playstyle.

New spells

The spells I’m suggest here are additional spells for “less-developed” magic school, namely Matter, Escape and such.


Rat form (level 5 ray spell)

Turn the monster hit by this spell into a sewer rat with it’s attack capacity of said monster, however the original hitpoint remains intact (a sewer rat with 56HP for example), higher skill level increase the spell’s duration. Basically, this spell turn a dangerous monster into a less dangerous one but the hitpoint of that monster remains the same so you can’t one-shot it. Monster’s with magic resistance can resist this or make the duration shorter so I hope this spell will not become overpowered.


Vulnerability (level 5 beam spell)

Reduce monsters’ MR by a certain amount (not permanent), the exact amount and duration depends on skill of course. This spell a method to by-pass high MR monster without resorting to drain level, this spell may become overpowered so that’s why it’s a level 5 spell. This spell also work nicely in tandem with cancellation spell. Enchantment school is missing high-level spells so I think this can be a fitting addition.


Stealth (level 1 non-directional spell)

Give the player the Stealth extrinsic for a short duration. Stealth is not a very useful extrinsic compare to invisibility or speed and half of the roles will get it as intrinsic at some point when they level up. That why it’s a level 1 spell – not powerful but easy to cast, I can see that this spell will be useful to low-level wizards to avoid tough sleeping monsters. Also, casting this spell at higher skill levels (maybe Skilled and Expert?) will give you muffed movement (nullifies squeaky board trap and fumble boots’ effect).


Grease stream (level 4 beam spell)

Shoot a beam of grease at monster and soak them, make monster with weapon attack have the slippery fingers effect – occasionally drop their weapon (if any). Cast this spell at your self will coat any weapon you’re carrying, the most outward armor you’re wearing (most likely a cloak) and give you slippery fingers as a downside. I think this level 4 spell will be useful and interesting as substitute for can of grease with even more applications.


Falling rocks (level 3 distant spell)

Rain down rocks (1d3) upon your target, the exact number of rocks depends on the caster’s skill, I haven’t decided the damage yet but it should be somewhere between spellbook of magic missile and fireball. The spell will leave a pile of rock at the target’s feet. A medium-level, distant spell to complement the usually directional Attack spells.


"Miscellaneous" doesn't necessary mean trivial, some ideas bellow might be expanded later.

  • New disintegrator vault room for UnNetHack. (implemented)
  • (From DynaHack) An option (preferably on by default) for when bumping into a peaceful monster, the game says "You stop for the *monster*" instead of asking whether you want to fight it or not. This will remove the hassle to press more keys when (accidentally) bump into a peaceful. You can fight peaceful with the F key.
  • Make Rangers more distinct as a bow-shooting class by nerfing their dagger skill or generate more arrows (in shops, dungeon or bow-using monsters). Maybe both.
  • Different behaviors for amulet of change, amulet of strangulation and amulet of restful sleep depend on BUC. And maybe adjust their BUC chance a bit (more uncursed and blessed).
  • If there is only one trap visible, #untrap should automatically choose that one.
  • Expand context-sensitive inventory menu to extended commands (#rub for lamps and stones) and surroundings (dipping option when standing over fountain or pool).
  • Valkyrie should have (small) chance to start with a spear instead of long sword, thus reduces access to Excalibur, give the easiest role in the game a little more challenge.