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A cloak is a type of armor in NetHack that is worn over the body and covers any other armor worn on the torso.


A popular cloak to carry is the cloak of magic resistance. This provides magic resistance and magic cancellation of 1. If you already possess both magic resistance and reflection, a cloak of displacement or a stealthy elven cloak may be used. Typically, an adventurer will also have access to an oilskin cloak, for working around water, and a mummy wrapping if invisible.

Any cloak will block rust traps and rust monsters from harming the armor underneath. Furthermore, destroy armor effects, whether from the scroll or the spell, will destroy a cloak before it destroys the suit. A cloak also gives players wishing to avoid consorting with foocubi an extra chance to say no. For all of these reasons, any non-cursed cloak of not less than +0 enchantment is better than none.

List of cloaks

Name Cost Weight AC Material Effect MC Appearance
mummy wrapping 2 3 0 cloth Overrides invisibility 1
orcish cloak 40 10 0 cloth 1 coarse mantelet
dwarvish cloak 50 10 0 cloth 1 hooded cloak
leather cloak 40 15 1 leather 1
cloak of displacement 50 10 1 cloth Displacement 1 randomized
oilskin cloak 50 10 1 cloth Immunity from all grabbing and drowning attacks; protects body armor from rusting 2 slippery cloak
alchemy smock 50 10 1 cloth Poison and acid resistance 1 apron
cloak of invisibility 60 10 1 cloth Invisibility 1 randomized
cloak of magic resistance 60 10 1 cloth Magic resistance 1 randomized
elven cloak 60 10 1 cloth Stealth 1 faded pall
robe 50 15 2 cloth Spellcasting bonus 2
cloak of protection 50 10 3 cloth Protection 3 randomized

Four cloaks have a randomized appearance that is shuffled among the following options at the start of each game: tattered cape, ornamental cope, opera cloak, and piece of cloth. The cloak of magic resistance is the only one of these that does not auto-identify on being worn, though the cloak of invisibility will not auto-identify if you are already invisible when you put it on.



In dNetHack, player vampires get a +1 charisma boost for wearing an opera cloak.

Encyclopedia entry

Cloaks are the universal outer garb of everyone who is not a Barbarian. It is hard to see why. They are open in front and require you at most times to use one hand to hold them shut. On horseback they leave the shirt-sleeved arms and most of the torso exposed to wind and Weather. The OMTs [ Official Management Terms ] for Cloaks well express their difficulties. They are constantly _swirling and dripping_ and becoming _heavy with water_ in rainy Weather, _entangling with trees_ or _swords_, or needing to be _pulled close around her/his shivering body_. This seems to suggest they are less than practical for anyone on an arduous Tour.

[ The Tough Guide to Fantasyland, by Diana Wynne Jones ]