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The rebel leader, @, is the Noble quest nemesis in dNetHack as well as SlashTHEM, and the ringleader of the peasant revolt at the heart of the default Noble quest. The rebel leader is accompanied by three other unique monsters: the adventuring wizard, the militant cleric, and the half-elf ranger.

Note that Fighter/Ranger/Cleric/Wizard is a common configuration for the stereotypical four-person D&D party.

Rebel Ringleader

"A powerful warrior with a silver sword."

The Rebel Ringleader is the true quest nemesis, as it is she who carries the quest artifact (the Mantle of Heaven or Vestment of Hell) and the Bell of Opening, and it is her death that produces the "nemesis death" message. Be warned, however, that the other unique monsters will teleport to and pick up the Bell and the Quest artifact if given the chance.

She is well-armed with a silver saber, gray dragon scale mail, small shield, and high boots. The saber may be especially dangerous to a vampiric Noble.

Adventuring Wizard

"A man of magic. At his word the elements rise up and energy rains down; but as any true mage knows, sleep will kill you faster than flames!"

The adventuring wizard has a quarterstaff, leather armor, a robe, and low boots. His spells of choice are Sleep, Magic Missile, and Summon Sphere.

Militant Cleric

"A holy man. He can heal his friends and set the sky on fire."

The militant cleric has a mace, plate mail, a large shield, and iron shoes. He is able to heal himself or allies, and use the clerical attack spell fire pillar.

Half-Elf Ranger

"A woman of nature. She fights with arrows of the moon's metal."

The half-elf ranger has two elven short swords, an elven bow, a quiver of blessed silver arrows and mostly elven armor—elven mithril-coat, elven leather helm, elven cloak, and high boots.

Her arrows may be especially dangerous to a vampiric Noble.


Reference: Chris' Noble Patch