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Swords encompass many different kinds of weapons found within Nethack. Click on any weapon name below to visit the relevant page. Swords can be made from iron, wood or silver, cost anything from 10 to 8000zm, and weigh from 30 to 150 units.

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In the following table, damage listed below is applied to all targets. Those swords with special properties, such as double damage against specific monsters, are listed as "use link" . See the appropriate page for further details.

Artifact swords are listed in bold, while swords that are not normally generated (but are available via a wish) are in italics.

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Weapon Vs Small Vs Large Cost Weight Material Appearance
Short sword 1d6 1d8 10 30 iron Short sword.png
Dwarvish short sword 1d7 1d8 10 30 iron Dwarvish short sword.png
Elven short sword 1d8 1d8 10 30 wood Elven short sword.png
Orcish short sword 1d5 1d8 10 30 iron Orcish short sword.png
Broadsword 2d4 1d6+1 10 70 iron Broadsword.png
Elven broadsword 1d6+1d4 1d6+1 10 70 wood Elven broadsword.png
Runesword 2d4 1d6+1 300 40 iron Runesword.png
Dragonbane use link use link 500 70 iron Broadsword.png
Orcrist use link use link 2000 70 wood Elven broadsword.png
Stormbringer use link use link 8000 40 iron Runesword.png
Two handed sword 1d12 3d6 50 150 iron Two-handed sword.png
Tsurugi 1d16 1d8+2d6 500 60 iron Tsurugi.png
Tsurugi of Muramasa 1d16+1d8 1d8+2d6+1d8 4500 60 iron Tsurugi.png
Long sword 1d8 1d12 15 40 iron Long sword.png
Katana 1d10 1d12 80 40 iron Katana.png
Demonbane use link use link 2500 40 iron Long sword.png
Excalibur 1d8+1d10 1d12+1d10 4000 40 iron Long sword.png
Fire Brand use link use link 3000 40 iron Long sword.png
Frost Brand use link use link 3000 40 iron Long sword.png
Giantslayer use link use link 200 40 iron Long sword.png
Snickersnee 1d10+1d8 1d12+1d8 1200 40 iron Katana.png
Sunsword use link use link 1500 40 iron Long sword.png
Vorpal Blade 1d8+1 1d12+1 4000 40 iron Long sword.png
Scimitar 1d8 1d8 15 40 iron Scimitar.png
Silver saber use link use link 75 40 silver Silver saber.png
Grayswandir use link use link 8000 40 silver Silver saber.png
Werebane use link use link 1500 40 silver Silver saber.png