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An experienced NetHack player, who ascends all too easily and now seeks to share knowledge and offer ideas for expansion of the game.

  • Thinks so-so pets are: A
  • Thinks lame pets are: E D
  • Thinks no c is worth the trouble, and genocides them first.


  1. 4102737 Jules Mon-Hum-Mal-Cha Level 30 hp 409/409 dlevel -5 (47)
  2. 4867283 Jules Wiz-Gno-Mal-Neu Level 30 hp 454/454 dlevel -5 (51) (Slimed the Riders)
  3. 4847060 Jules Rog-Orc-Mal-Cha Level 30 hp 226/226 dlevel -5 (51) (Slimed the Riders)
  4. 4026590 Jules Tou-Hum-Mal-Neu Level 30 hp 252/404 dlevel -5 (46) (Polyless, Wishless, and Genocideless)
  5. 7387965 Jules Kni-Hum-Fem-Neu Level 30 hp 433/433 dlevel -5 (51)
  6. 3312656 Jules Pri-Elf-Mal-Cha Level 30 hp 184/184 dlevel -5 (51)
  7. 5491971 Jules Sam-Hum-Mal-Neu Level 30 hp 439/439 dlevel -5 (48)


  • Keep two Bags of Holding- name one MAIN INV and one LOOT. If you're burdened and you see a monster coming, drop the bag o' loot and deal with it.
  • Regularly return to DLvl1 by using cursed Scrolls of Teleportation or other method for levelporting, and leave all the loot to bring to the Endgame near the stairs in a sack or another Bag of Holding. No use dragging all that junk around, after all!
  • Carry only what you're actually going to use- dragging around stuff to polypile is useful when you're headed to a polypile, but definately not useful any other time.
  • Always keep certain tools on certain keys.

Sliming the Riders

  • The best way to slime the Riders is definately not polymorphing into a green slime.
  • The best way to slime the Riders is:
  1. Manipulate boulders from Hs that are created and block off an area with a Rider inside (and a Green Slime, if you can't summon a Green Slime some other way)
  2. Manipulate boulders to make a trap where:
    1. There are two spaces inside the trap
    2. You can see the Green Slime
    3. The Green Slime cannot move
    4. You can't see the Rider trapped and the Green Slime is not at risk from other monsters. (If the Green Slime is at risk from the trapped Rider, make sure you can heal the Green Slime either by potion or spell. Healing the Rider inadvertently doesn't matter- the sliming process doesn't depend on HP.)
    5. You are safe (Burn Elbereth, kill monsters as needed, have an escape plan)
  3. Wear a Ring of Conflict or toggle on Conflict some other way.
  4. Heal Green Slime as needed until the Rider is slimed
  5. Repeat for other Riders (some traps might be one-use, though)
  • Myself, I like killing a Rider below the lowest, middle door on the astral, breaking the door, and pushing boulder(s) diagonally to the opposite sides of the corpse (if one wasn't on one side already), putting two boulders on the other side of the door, fixing the door with Wizard Lock or a Wand of Locking, and using a Magic Whistle to summon a pet Green Slime. Burn Elbereth, wear Conflict, go to town! (Of coure, this trap only gets one use.)
  • The other is done outside one of the side-rooms containing altars, also using four boulders. Arrange boulders such that either side can be closed with one push, then lead a Rider through (whichever way), close the end you leave, then run around and enter the other. Summon a Green Slime between you, and be patient until the group moves all the way to the back, burn Elbereth, wear Conflict, heal the Green Slime as needed. (This one isn't so great with Death, I would imagine...)

For either of these traps, it's a good idea to burn Elbereth under the boulders so a H doesn't move them, but not necessary.


  • Note: This is generalized. The key to winning NetHack is being adaptable. This is my general pattern, and doesn't need to be yours!
  1. Goes to Minetown
  2. Goes to Sokoban
  3. Goes to Minebottom
  4. Goes to Dungeon until he can Quest
  5. Goes to the Quest
  6. Goes to Fort Ludios
  7. Goes to the Castle
  8. Prepares for the lower levels (Valley of the Dead and Gehennom) by
    1. Wishing for Artifacts
    2. Polypiling for stuff like
      1. Amulets of Magical Breathing to eat
      2. Rings of Increase Damage to charge and eat
      3. Rings of Increase Accuracy to charge and eat
      4. Amulets of Life Saving to wear
      5. Rings of Free Action to wear
      6. Rings of Slow Digestion to wear
      7. Rings of Levitation
      8. Rings of Conflict
  9. Kills Vlad
  10. Finds the Vibrating Square and drops the Bell of Opening and Candelabrum of Invocation there after burning Elbereth
  11. Charms a bunch of Umber Hulks and uses Wands of Light or Scrolls of Light or the Light spell to carve a 3-wide path through all possible levels up to DLvl1
  12. Kicks Rodney's sorry butt
  13. You know the rest!