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Dragon hide (or dragonhide)[1] is a material for items that appears in NetHack.

Dragon hide is the material that composes all dragon scales and dragon scale mail, and is inherently fixed.[2] Though a gelatinous cube will not normally eat objects made of dragon hide, they are organic enough that you can do so while in the form of a gelatinous cube, which breaks vegan conduct.[3]

Oddly, polypiling enough dragon hide objects may result in the creation of a straw golem.


Dragon hide items are introduced in NetHack 3.0.0 with the addition of dragon scale mail, while dragon scales first appear in NetHack 3.1.0.


Some variants add new dragon scales and scale mail, while others implement an object materials system that also make it possible for certain items, usually leather or cloth-based ones, to be made of dragonhide; though dragonhide-material items are distinct from dragon-scaled armor (i.e. you will not polymorph into a dragon if wearing dragonhide versions of normal armor), the material is the same for both.

As an object material, dragonhide is inherently fixed and erosion-proofed as in vanilla NetHack, and cannot be deteriorated through normal means - it is typically highly rare and expensive, and offers the most AC of non-metallic armor materials.


In GruntHack, cloth or leather items can be made of dragonhide, but do not occur randomly; they can still be wished for or found in bones files.


In dNetHack, dragonhide is also used as a "catch-all" in the code of objnam.c for special cases involving other items made of a special leather or similar material.[4] Leo Nemaeus hide is an example of a "dragonhide" item using this special case, and is flavored as being a cloak made of skin from a Nemean lion.

Items with a base material of cloth or leather can very rarely generate with a dragonhide material: there is a 1100 chance that a random leather item will be made of dragonhide, and a 11000 chance for cloth items to randomly generate as dragonhide. Hard objects can be made of dragonhide as well, which is described as dragontooth for weapons and dragonbone (or dragon-bone) otherwise. Dragonhide and dragonbone armor grants the highest bonuses to AC and DR among materials (usually a 60% increase compared to the base material of the object), while dragonhide and dragontooth weapons gain bonuses to piercing damage.

Many dNetHack artifacts are made out of dragonhide, dragonbone or similar material:

In addition to random generation, various monsters can generate with dragon-made objects:

  • Neanderthals can be generated with dragon scale mail and scale shields, alongside other dragon-made items such as dragontooth clubs or aklyses.
  • Eladrin that are summoned by Dracae Eladrin, and are not Uiscerre Eladrin, will generate with dragontooth long swords.
  • One of the lillend created in the lair of Lamashtu generates with a dragontooth scythe.
  • Gray intoners generate with dragontooth long swords.
  • Occultists generate with an inventory full of dragonbone items.
  • Mammon will generate with dragonhide and dragonbone armor.
  • Hell vaults containing a Jrt Netjer may have dragonhide armor among its spoils.


In EvilHack, dragonhide is as rare and expensive as in other variants, and various cloth and leather items can rarely generate as made of dragonhide.

Like in many other variants, dragonhide objects usually cannot be deteriorated, with the exception of the revamped destroy armor monster spell. The destroy armor spell can remove a piece of armor's fixed status, including the inherent fixed property of dragonhide armor, and inflict up to three levels of erosion (which is limited to one if the target has magic resistance). Artifacts are immune to erosion in this manner.

The following artifacts are made of dragonhide: