Dwarvish short sword

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) Dwarvish short sword.png
Name dwarvish short sword
Appearance broad short sword
Damage vs. small 1d7
Damage vs. large 1d8
To-hit bonus +0
Weapon skill short sword
Size one-handed
Base price 10 zm
Weight 30
Material iron

A dwarvish short sword is a type of weapon that appears in NetHack. It is made of iron and uses the short sword skill, and appears as a broad short sword when unidentified.


Player dwarves start the game with knowledge of the dwarvish short sword.[1] Any dwarven character that would start the game with a short sword will start with a dwarvish short sword instead - currently, there are no applicable roles where this substitution would occur.[2]

Dwarvish short swords make up about 0.2% of randomly generated weapons. In addition to random generation, weapon shops and general stores can stock dwarvish short swords.

Live dwarves have a 14 chance of being generated with a dwarvish short sword.[3] Player monsters, including those on the Astral Plane, have a chance lower than 1% of generating with a dwarvish short sword as their initial weapon before role-based replacements.[4]


The dwarvish short sword is a good early-game weapon for roles capable of training the skill, and can even serve as a decent off-hand weapon when twoweaponing.


The dwarvish short sword first appears in NetHack 3.0.0.



In SLASH'EM, upgrading a dwarvish short sword will produce either an elven short sword or a dark elven short sword with an equal probability of each. Upgrading a short sword, elven short sword or dark elven short sword will produce a dwarvish short sword.


In dNetHack, a dwarvish short sword deals d8 damage to small monsters and d7 damage to large monsters, and its weight is increased to 35 aum.


In EvilHack, a dwarvish short sword can be created at a forge by combining a short sword and a dwarvish spear. Dwarvish short swords can be used at a forge to make a few items:


In Hack'EM, upgrading a dwarvish short sword will produce an orcish short sword, and upgrading an elven short sword will produce a dwarvish short sword. Forging recipes are the same as in EvilHack.


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