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The variant dNetHack introduces several new golems.

Some of these golems, along with existing ones, are likely to be found early in the Neutrality Quest branch, around the golem level Sum of All.

New golems

Living lectern

A living lectern is an animated spellbook on a wooden stand. When destroyed, it drops 2d3 clubs and a random spellbook.

Although the identity of the spellbook is randomized, the living lectern always uses the same magical attack: magic missiles.

One living lectern is guaranteed to appear in a ruined library at the top of the Lost Cities segment of the Neutrality Quest. There is a 25% chance of a second appearing there as well. In addition, 1d4 living lecterns are placed in waterlogged libraries.

Spell golem

A spell golem may be thought of as a paper golem with writing on it. When destroyed, it drops 1-8 random scrolls.

Spell golems are able to cast spells.

Treasury golem

A treasury golem may be thought of as a more advanced gold golem that contains precious stones as well.

When destroyed, a treasury golem drops 2d4 random gems and a Luck-dependent amount of gold (up to 400, twice the maximum for a gold golem).

Treasury golems have a poisonous breath attack.

A large number of treasury golems are found in the treasure rooms in Nessus.

Argentum golem

Argentum golems are rare silver golems. (Argentum = the metal silver, or something made of silver.)

When destroyed, argentum golems drop 1d3 stacks of 5d10 silver slingstones. In addition, they are generated with a silver dagger, which has a 1-in-6 chance of being replaced with a silver saber, and a large stack of silver arrows, which they will fire in volleys. Any silver arrows fired in this manner are destroyed.

Like iron golems, argentum golems are slowed by lightning and healed by fire attacks.

Eight argentum golems appear in the Sum of All level of the Neutrality Quest.

To paraphrase a particularly wise prime, the rilmani are an
enigma cloaked in a riddle, wrapped in a mystery. Who can
question their motives or their actions? They keep their own
counsel. They're sworn never to come when called, but always
to be there when needed; never to answer questions put to
them, but always to provide what information is necessary; to
aid and abet good, evil, law, and chaos alike in order to maintain
the Balance, regardless of the cost or repercussions.
[ Planescape Monstrous Compendium II, by Rich Baker ]


Unique golems

There are some unique golems and similar monsters in dNetHack:

  • Arsenal, guardian of the Second Key of Law
  • The ford guardian, which is a type of golem found only on the Mordor chaos variant's ford level.
  • Warmachine, found on Tiamat, the Fiend of Wind's level, is not actually a unique golem but instead a named retriever.

The Center of All, which was a golem in previous versions, is now a rilmani instead.

Changes to existing golems