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Rilmani are a category of monsters in dNetHack.

Plumach Rilmani

Equipment sets

Plumach equipment is made of non-rustable metal.


13 of Plumachs are militia members.


The remaining 23 of Plumachs are civilians.


Plumachs will cast the solid fog monster spell. Creatures in the fog have their speed reduced by 23. When a Plumach casts solid fog, it becomes canceled.

Ferrumach Rilmani



Cuprilach Rilmani


  • +2 or higher bronze short sword
  • 13 of Cuprilach will have a bronze buckler (at least +2).


Sneak attack

When attacking an incapacitated target, or one which cannot see or sense them, Cuprilaches receive bonus damage on their melee attacks equal to 1 to 1.5 times their level (so 1 to 12 for a level 8 Cuprilach).

Stannumach Rilmani

Argenach Rilmani



  • Silver rays (Argenach unique spell): Makes two attacks, each dealing 1d20 damage of a type the target is vulnerable to (including silver damage, in which case each ray does 2d20 damage). The attacks can be avoided via low AC, but ignore armor.
  • Ice storm: 4d8 cold damage and 4d8 physical damage
  • Solid fog: 23 speed reduction
  • Disappear: Makes self invisible
  • Make visible: Makes target visible

Hydrargyrumach Rilmani

Equipped with a metallic voulge and a metalic long sword.

Mercurial essence

Brimstone essence

Aurumach Rilmani



Encyclopedia entry

To paraphrase a particularly wise prime, the rilmani are an
enigma cloaked in a riddle, wrapped in a mystery. Who can
question their motives or their actions? They keep their own
counsel. They're sworn never to come when called, but always
to be there when needed; never to answer questions put to
them, but always to provide what information is necessary; to
aid and abet good, evil, law, and chaos alike in order to maintain
the Balance, regardless of the cost or repercussions.
[ Planescape Monstrous Compendium II, by Rich Baker ]